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Oh my flipping goodness,  I love flame! That feverish orangey red of the season.  It seems it's the colour that has caught the eye of mainstream too.  I'm seeing flashes of this colour on bodies around town from skirts to coats, blouses to jackets.

Beautiful skirt and pose, don't  you think

Love this combination

Then there's TV

Personally I don't think it's Madam Secretary's best colour

I bought myself a pair of cropped skinnies in this colour from Sainsbury's one Saturday.  £16. Bargain. I think the link below is to them.  Lucky you, they are now reduced too. 

 Having tried these I do rate Sainsbury for jeggings and know Laurie from Vanity and Me does too. Have you tried their jeggings?  So too easy to pop in with the tomatoes.

These jeans perhaps in some ways weren't a sensible choice colour wise but I so love them.  Coloured pants are not so versatile to pair.  I wore them with a grey T shirt and neutral shoes recently.  This was a colour mix  that worked.  There is going to be the obvious white and black but also in the running is the stripey light blue shirt of the season.


  1. Looking flamin' good, Anna. I think you're going to have some great times with those jeans, I'm sure you'll get some great combos from them. Intrigued to see this shirt of the season, no idea what that is.

  2. I think the Sainsburys Jeggings are amazing! I will be looking into more colours.These look good on you too Anna and I hope you're as pleased with them.
    Ps. Love catching up on your Insta stories xx

  3. Amazing pants! You look awesome!


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