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How to Wear a Logo T Shirt. ..

...when you are over 50. That is the question.  Well, question no further.  Several years ago lovely Catherine from Not dressed as Lamb ran a campaign whereby she took a month's worth of 'don't dos' written by a journalist and basically stuck her virtual fingers up at the can't, don't, shouldn't s. Many of us joined in on Twitter and Instagram.  Wear what you like not what the media tell you was the raison d'etre.   One item was a graphic T. I had one graphic T, just one.  Hardrock Cafe.  I admit, I'd listened to the media.  I'd listened to the so called expert journalists and I'd never worn the T.  On Graphic T day I did.  What I didn't know was how to style it to make it age appropriate.  And that's the difference.  That's the key.  Catherine told me to try a jacket,  maybe black. 

I could see that was a  grand idea that would instantly put the T into age appropriate casual smart.  I didn't have a black jacket though. I know, I know, one needed to come into my life.  It did a few days later by M&S fairy but that's another story. Still, you've seen said jacket on a few posts including  in Manchester. It turned out s to be a mighty useful item.

I digress.  A couple of weeks ago I bought a Calvin Klein T in TKMaxx (TJ) to those in the US. It's a superb cut, and grey.  Yes, grey.  Whilst it s not graphic it is logoed.  On Friday  I wanted to wear white jeans and this T.  I decided that perhaps a logo T plus white jeans a bit not over 50.  The addition of a blazer was the answer,  along with laid back birkenstocks in red, not frump.  (The red to add sass to my birkies.)

A delicate logo.  Very subtle. Perfect for mutton wear

A this season blush blazer was my choice of jacket.

Don't you think grey and blush are made for each other?  This jacket comes from H&M sale rail.  I got it about 18 months ago but I see versions frequently still on the sale rail although it looks sold out on line.  

One of my daughters and I get quite a lot of use from this jacket.  Miss 22 has used it for a couple of interviews.   A handy wardrobe addition for family share and truely cross generational. 


Two colleagues also have this  jacket. One was wearing it on Friday with a navy top and jeans.  At  just under  £13  it may be worth investing in if it's available.


  1. You and Miss 22 look just spot-on styling this jacket. Love the mix.

  2. Blush and grey do go together fabulously. It's a very cool outfit - I never knew you could get red Birkies. They look fab.

  3. Good idea on adding the jacket! Love those red Birks!

  4. I agree. Blush and Grey are made for each other! I want that jacket! I will be looking out for it xx


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