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Internal Bleaching and the Lipstick Files

The evil of wearing braces is that I can't bite into an apple. Quite a catastrophe really. On the other hand I'm starting to smile and wear lipstick more. Today's is Deep Rust. Trouble is my top teeth haven't moved back as much as the bottom so I look like I'm wearing a balcony.

Dear fashionsta,  this may seem an odd thing to say. It's actually a writing challenge.  The words underlined were set to be used in a blog post.  It doesn't alter the sentiment.

I had braces fitted in January.  You'll recollect my own  eating challenge as I waded through buckets of mashed potato.  Four months on what do I have to say about braces and teeth makeover (mine)?

I'm used to the braces generally.  The initial sore mouth (for which do not underestimate the quantity of wax you'll use ) went away after 3 weeks.  Chewing is fine with few exceptions. I'm missing not being able to eat a crunchy biscuit,  a tuna salad crusty roll,  ciabatta, French bread. 

Can I see a difference?  Oh yes.  Within the first month my bottom teeth straightened noticeably.  

However all that aside my biggest tooth makeover was a root canal.  It was a tooth slowly dying over the last 15 years.  It was going very grey and apparently by  now totally dead.  It was a front tooth.  Hence over the years I avoided smiling with my mouth open giving me more a grimace or Muppet mouth as Mr Him called it.  Like Fuzzy Bear. 

After tests and discussion I decided a veneer wasn't the answer.  Why?  The grey would still show through potentially.  The tooth would at some point have an abscess.  Just bound to have.  I volunteered for a root canal.  Why wait for the abscess, was my thinking. 

I went to an Endodontist for the root canal. I also asked about internal bleaching.  Once a tooth has been treated by a root canal bleach can be put into the tooth by the specialist.  This is with the aim of bleaching out the grey.

Twelve weeks ago I had the first batch of bleach.  This past week the final filling. I'm now smiling broadly.  I'm showing my teeth to those that say 'where? ' or 'I never noticed' or just 'can I see'.  I'm posting talking videos on IG Mystory.  I'm showing pics of me in lipstick. And this is all with braces.  You see for me the bleach has made my teeth so much better than when I was braceless. None of this 'I'm not smiling as I have mouth furniture' for me. No siree.  I'm embracing it  (haha ).

And I'm buying lipstick.....more. 

As well as my No7 Deep Rust 

and my Mac  in Brave

and repurchsed my Daniel Sandler Cherub, as previously mentioned

I've discovered NYX 

 NYX Whipped Caviar

NYX gloss 

and discovered Kat Von D lipstains (available online)

Watch this space for more on the 'Lipstick Files '.

If you have a blackening tooth you may wish to ask about internal bleaching. My own dentist didn't tell me about it and was going to go the vaneer route.  

It was the orthodontist that told me about the bleaching option and in his opinion was less invasive after a route canal, which lets face it, I was going to need. 


  1. Braces. Ugh. You are wearing them with style though thanks to all that fabulous lip colour. I missed apples so much I grated raw ones to eat when I had braces.

    SSG xxx

    1. I've been known to melt chocolate after they were first fitted.

  2. Love that no. 7 lipstick.

    Poor sweetie, my John has had canal root work. It's rotten xx

    1. Actually it wasn't too bad, this time. I did have one way back at the rear of my mouth that was an experience!!

  3. Lovely lippies and so pleased you're sorted. Bleaching wasn't offered when I had my RCF 20 years ago. I eventually had a crown which was troublesome and I had it taken off and now I have an ugly gap. So I'm so pleased you haven't had to go that route (pun coincidental!). Amazing what they can do now. You must be chuffed!

  4. I'm terrified of dentists! So a big clap of hands for getting your teeth all sorted. And I've seen those lovely smiles on Insta too xx Oh. And please share your post on twitter so I can share!

  5. Thanks for posting this info. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative. I can't wait to read lots of your posts.


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