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Military and Stripes

Dear Fashionista

Military jackets are a favourite of yours. Mine too.  I've had a thing for this type of jacket wear since my teens.  I think it's the structure of a military jacket that does it. The discipline of the lines and the close moulding of the shoulders.  I know this shape suits my body type. I have just one and I got it 18 months or so ago from Monsoon. It completes me.  I don't need another.  It's  finished nicely with brass emblem buttons and a striped lining. 

My jacket escorted me to the pub last week. I chose to wear it with a blue and ecru Boden breton. Stripes on stripes.  How advanced in my fashionsta practical sessions is that!  Do I get a merit? 

I also wore skinny jeans and broke out some wedge sandals. 

Unfortunately I had a mishap.  During a visit to the restroom/ladies  I lost a brass button down the toilet.  No pictures.  I was absolutely not going to go fishing for it either!

Instead I found my bag of buttons.  Do I get a certificate for even having a bag of buttons?   

Yes my jacket spares are in there.  Monsoon had kindly provided two, bless them. 

Jacket and I are now complete again.


  1. Yay for extra buttons being provided. You get extra points for being able to find them right off.

  2. I love your bag of buttons!! Mine are hidden in random drawers of my bedroom.

    You've inspired me to get a military style jacket too. Don't know where to start looking around here though... Yours is perfect on you.

    SSG xxx

  3. You are so right, that style suits you, looking gorgeous, Mrs M-S.
    I've loved everything I've ever bought in Monsoon. Now I know that the brand designs with toilet incidents in mind, I'm loving Monsoon even more. Have button stash, I avoid looking at it, for am reminded of how much I've spent on clothes these past 15 years :-(. Impressed you found yours so quickly. Gold star. And even more impressed that you then quickly repaired. You've entered diploma territory, defo!

  4. This style jacket is one I haven't tried as of yet. I really like it and it's a great look with jeans. Brownie points for saving the buttons! Far more organised than me. I do save them but can never remember where they are! Been on the search for a pleated skirt for you Anna, and your right, there's not a lot out there. I won't be beaten though! xx


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