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Pink a la Nadine

On Thursday last week I had a bit of a rush to the head.  You see I'm a bit of a fan of Madam Secretary, for Elizabeth 's outfits as well as the storyline, and similarity to my life (yeah, right ) haha.  Elizabeth dresses for the office but in a slightly quirky manner,  which is the appeal to me.  I haven't yet managed to replicate her outfits.  Elizabeth 's female sidekick, Nadine, is not one to wear outfits that send my heart racing and my thumbs rummaging through my closet.  To me her character dresses a little bit more prim, or preppy, which is not me. 

So last week, as we were catching up on the series, I was stunned to find myself taken with a Nadine outfit.  In the episode we were watching  she wore a raspberry blouse and black skirt.  Perfect. (I so want a pink,  deep pink,  blouse, now, this minute.)

In the meantime, whilst I awaited a deep pink blouse to materialise out of thin air into my life,  I picked out my Boden pink cardigan  and my Sainsbury's officewear  black.
I was pleased with the look for the office.  Formal black with a nod to summer brights. 
You may see me in the Oval Office yet! 

As I walked to the station wearing this outfit   I was struck by my shadow  (not literally,  that would just be plain scary). No, I was struck by the fact that I looked like a Playmobile character on stilts.  Nothing miniature about this stretchy  individual following me around though. Still,  she was gone  by nightfall.


  1. Yay for office fashion! I'm a fan!

  2. I'm not aware of these characters but when I saw your shot of pretty raspberry on IG it had my vote, a great OOTD. Dress for the job you want, I think it's said, so you're on your way to the Oval Office, defo!

  3. I LOVE pink and black together! It's one of my staples.

  4. Love that Boden pink on you! It's lovely finding fashion inspiration away from the conventional sources of the magazines and celebrity candid shots in the gossip pages!

    SSG xxx

  5. My unstylish self is awed. On at least two counts. And definitely tickled by the way your incorporate the word prompts.

  6. I love it when you see something on tv and then just have to recreate it. Well done!

  7. We love that show too, and I have to agree about Nadine's regular style. But this raspberry color is so pretty and looks fabulous on you!

  8. Creepy shadow stalker! Haha! I love that pink sweater on you!

  9. The pink sweater is perfect---inspiration!!

  10. I love that show and love your outfit! Thanks for joining Ladies Who Link Up and I hope to see you next Friday!


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