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Spring Finally

Yes, spring, real spring, not ankle boots spring but sandal spring, has arrived in the UK.  It actually arrived the same time last year and then left again so with that in mind I have taken the opportunity to bare the old legs and toes.

On Saturday I had my first ever pedicure.  Yes. I can't believe I've not done it before either.  I did ask the technician if she had more older people coming in for pedis (I for one am finding it less easy to access my toes these days) but she thought not.  There goes that theory.  Am I alone in inflexibility?  Moving on quickly, then.

I wore my gold birkenstocks, after a visit to the attic, and rolled up skinny cropped jeans. I so enjoyed showing my ankles for a change. 

 I wore a loft T shirt that I bought in NYC in light blush and a lightweight H&M basics cardigan.  With the arrival of spring, even if temporarily, I am adding tan drops to my moisturiser to add a bit of colour to my face.  

May I take an opportunity to talk of the jeans.  These can be rolled up (as I have done) or left down.  They are super comfy. Very lycra.  It takes a bit of getting used to the high waist again. However I have worn them a fair bit since buying them a few weeks ago. 

Cardigan similar 

Feet  my own

As for the pedicure, I loved it.  It was labelled a Zen pedicure.  The nail technician was quite horrified at first when I asked her to let me know when we got to the Zen bit. 

 Her face looking up from my feet was a picture! Shame I couldn't take it for you.

The following day we had family over for a BBQ.  Being a pleasant mid 20c it was another opportunity to bare my legs.  I wore a denim dress.  Can you believe that I did not wear this last summer or spring at all.  I am not sure if I wore it during the year even once. 

I took a thin leopard print belt from a pair of M&S chinos to pop around the waist.  The sandals are Clarks.

Sorry, the light is not brilliant, well actually its too brilliant, haha.


I discovered  Sally Hansen Airbrush legs spray on for immediate tan affect. In using this I did have a flippin' heck moment first as I sprayed it on my legs, and the garden steps,  quite energetically.  I'm not sure who was more horrified, my husband at the tanned stone work or me knowing that I had visitors soon and the legs were looking like I had smothered them in chocolate mousse.  I quickly bathed then tried again. This time using kitchen paper to apply rather than directly on the legs.  This resulted in an affect that I liked and, yes, will use again. In fact my oldest daughter was going out that evening and borrowed it successfully, following my instructions.  


  1. Yes, I struggle doing my own toes but needs must and today I had to do them for a wedding. It's Nightmare in Bathroom now, varnish splatters all over the bathroom tiles. I also need my own personal shoe buckler! What did you think of the instant tan? I've only used the ones that work over several hours.

    1. I hear you on shoes too, especially strappy sandals. I use the over several hours too but this was good for an emergency hot spell where you are unprepared. I also bought a Rimmel one last Saturday which I actually prefer.

  2. I used to do loads of pedicures on people of our age group! The denim dress looks fab on, and can I recommend The Jeggings from Sainsburys? Got a pair for £8.50 last week usually £12.00 but I think they are amazing. Good idea about the kitchen towel too! xx

    1. Thank you Laurie. I bought a pair of cropped jeggings from there recently in red. Watch this space. They will appear. They are fab but no longer available.


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