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The Little Details for Office Sass

Last week I thought about how I could change up my work outfits to add a bit of interest.  These are the little things that are cheap but can be effective. 

Using a patterned shirt with a  plain skirt.

Adding a belt  (so easy to add a slightly edgy vibe to office attire )

Nail varnish (Nails Inc Bruton Street in this case ) to add a bit of sass.

Statement necklace  (I'm occaisionally complimented on my necklaces,  so yes they do get noticed at work), and arm candy

The bag fails me as I have to carry so much but if I didn't I'd certainly be using  bags to change up the details.

Shoes.  I keep a variety under my desk and put them on when I get to the office. No pic as it's a scruffy heap. 

A bit of matchey-matchey to your mug, doesn't hurt (joking, purely coincidental but colleagues insisted a pic had to be taken)


  1. Love the belt and bracelet! You've got that office sass going on!

  2. As you know, I 💖 that belt! Like you say, it's the extra touches that sass things up.

  3. That blouse is so so pretty. You are so prolific, Anna


    1. Thank you Heather. You're pretty prolific with your drawings:)

  4. Great office sass! I'm afraid I probably would match my nail polish to my mug! My bit of office sass is wearing coloured and patterned tights.

    1. I would if I had the other colours, lime green and orange. I use burgundy and navy tights too in the winter, not together I add.


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