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A Bouquet in the Gardens (not me I add).... one would call me a bouquet.

Dear fashionsta

Nothing much has been happening on the clothing front recently.  Don't get me wrong,  I have been getting dressed, just nothing special. However, 2 weeks ago I did adorn a bouquet across my upper body to have lunch with the inlaws and visit a garden park.
As I said,  I wore a bouquet.  

This particular floral display came from Oasis in store in Debenhams.  I can't find it online for you which is such a shame as it's a pretty little spray.  Oasis do have a few floral tops available with a modern shape though, and you may still find this one in store.  I'm not a habitual Oasis shopper.  In fact I can't remember when I last bought anything in there.  A colleague in her thirties  (I say this to demonstrate her youth and taste ) who is very and currently dressed, was wearing a top that I admired and she told me she bought it in Oasis.  So, there I went.  I was impressed.  There were many pretty blouses but I bought just the one.

I wore this top with my M&S white jeans and gold metallic platform wedge sandals from Clarks.  My baggage was a small grey bag that can be converted into a clutch which I bought online. 

sandals similar here 

bag here  from Mandy's Heaven.  Mine is grey which is not currently available

Jeans, old M&S white skinny

Top Oasis


  1. What a beautiful pattern and colour. Looking lovely and beautifully accessorised. You make a beautiful vase for your summer bouquet!

  2. Very pretty and summery, Anna

    1. Thank you Ruth and thanks for visiting my little blog.

  3. Another Mandys Heaven fan! I have been really pleased with my bag from them.That's a lovely outfit Anna. I have a top very similar xx

    1. Reasonable price too. Thank you. Florals are growing on me. Pun not intended.


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