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Another Curry Outfit

Dear fashionsta

Visiting an Indian restaurant is a thing in the UK.  It starts in the early twenties when you the men eat the hottest you they can muster,  moves to appreciating the spices and flavours in the thirties then onto what will have the least digestive repercussions in late forties to don't bother in the seventies.

Then there's the orthodontic era!  Avoid garlic and eat curry only the night before a brace tightening. Throw in diet and must lose 4lb in 2 weeks era and in my case combine with orthodontic era and you have the stick to a chicken Tikka era.

For Friday's  chicken Tikka event I avoided wearing white as I know as sure as eggs is eggs I would end up wearing the Tikka.

I chose cropped black trousers by Marla Wynne and a H&M bardot top. 

This top, with the skinny cropped black trousers made me look like a Grease extra.  'Tell me more tell me more'. 

An old jacket,  so old it's now come out of the closest as vintage and proud topped my Grease attire and I added gold Dune backless loafers.

top - H&M  here

shoes - Dune here 

I've slipped a pic of the top here which shows the trying on in H&M's changing room.  I think the top has such a flattering neckline. 


  1. Absolutely LOVE your bardot top. Pure Sandy! Longing to see it with your plether jeans and maybe a scarf in your hair. Mr Him must be loving all these Summer Days looks, ooh ooh oooh. The loafers are gorgeous. And off course your vintage jacket is the bees knees. Great outfit.
    Loved your take on curries through the ages. Wise to wear black and multicolour, that turmeric takes no prisoners.

    1. Thank you Mary. I wonder how many can relate to curries through the ages.

  2. Wow that dress is amazing on you! Lovely! Peace!

  3. Love, love that first look. The jacket and the Loafers go so well together. The second look is good, but the first for me is wow! xx

    1. Thanks Laurie. The second wasn't really a look. It was just trying the top on in a changing room but it shows the neckline. I had a work skirt on.


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