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Businesslike but Approachable

The office environment is not always about the dark jacket of authority.  Occasionally I find I need to display an aura of 'I'm listening but I also know what I'm talking about.' Or 'I've heard you but the answer is still no.' 

If I know I'm going to have such a day then dressing requires a bit of freeing up from the hardline  black jacket.  On such days I might swap a collared shirt for a blouse and the jacket for a cardigan. 

One such adaption I used recently was to keep the authoritative black but in a soft styled skirt and a blouse.  The observant of you will notice that this is a mix of chocolate and black.  I saw  an external mediator who visited our office in December wear dark brown and black (a black dress and chocolate cardigan.) I wasn't quite sure about whether it worked as a combination as the tones of the two were so similar,  but, not to be deterred, I kept in mind to try it one day.  Here is my adaption of the of the colour combination.  I think this works as the blouse is designed with a chocolate and black mix and off-white to add the contrast. I used the off-white as the theme of my cardigan to pull the colours together. 

I find it interesting that when I was looking for an outfit that fit my purposes I chose the colours that I last saw a mediator wearing.  A psychologist will have a field day with that one.  

This skirt added a soft swish to help the friendly vibe I was going for. It's about 8 years old but still is adding value to my work life. The blouse was thrifted and shhh,  so was the M&S collections cardigan.  Just keep that between us.  (I have a philosophy,  I don't want to spend a fortune on functional and I see dressing for the office as functional.)

How would you combine black and chocolate?  Would you combine them?  What are your tips for dressing to be approachable?  


  1. I love the chocolate and black combo! This is such a pretty workwear look!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Black and chocolate work for me! I like how you've softened the pair with the lighter shade in your cardigan.

    SSG xxx

  3. I like your businesslike but approachable outfit! I used to wear cropped cardigans a lot at work and save the black jacket for customer meetings. Now I am looking for a new job so it's a bit of a challenge finding the right clothes - not too trendy / dull / corporate....sigh.

  4. The swishy skirt does it for me. Always a feminine floatyness can change anything! xx

  5. Love the skirt so feminine without being over the top


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