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Holiday Dressing Diary week 1 Gran Canaria

Dear Fashionista, I'm on vacation and struggling to put together an oufit post for you using just my phone. Format has gone to pot.  Anyway I wanted to say that so far it's been a case of wearing old M&S shorts for outings with our 18 year old. We've boated, been to a wild west town replica and the waterpark.  These old shorts have come into their own. 

Contrary to last year I've had more fun with evening outfits. My linen blue dress was worn with a twisty statement necklace . This outfit gets wheeled out every holiday.

I also wore harem trousers that I bought last year on vacation.  The blouse is also an old holiday purchase.  I added new M&S yellow flat sandals.  Neutrals may have been better but I wanted to wear flats and yellow was my best option. 

Lastly a midi type T shirt dress from Tu with bling flip flops and a long statement necklace from Crete a few years ago.

A theme for holiday dressing is wearing bits I've bought from hot climes previously and not what I'd wear at home.  It's an opportunity to express myself as I want to, which is slightly quirky. 


  1. Firstly, I'm amazed you can put so many words together on your phone, I struggle with my Kindle keyboard.

    Lovely outfits, especially that lovely tiered top and that dress, I fell for them both on IG.

    Yes, recognise that change of approach to dressing a few days into holidays. Like your idea of packing things from previous holidays; if you bought them on holiday, you'll be in the same mindset to wear them on holiday.

    Wishing you a fab continued holiday. Are you checking out the papas canarias to make at home?!

    1. Funnily enough I've just checked out them there potatoes.

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog, Anna. Hope you enjoy your holiday. I've never put together a post on my phone ... The blue linen dress is lovely! I've also had a look at your other blog, which is a good read. Love your writing! xxx

  3. Lovely post! Have a great holiday and thanks for joining our Instagram Link Up party! Peace!

  4. I am envious that you are somewhere hot. It's turned sour here in London! Cold and V windy! All outfits look fantastic Anna. I'm wondering why you feel braver on holiday to show off your style a bit more when you look so good? xx

  5. fabulous vacation looks. Don't forget to come link up on A Labour of Fashion. Would love to have you join us


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