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Holiday Dressing week 1 .5 Gran Canaria

Dear Fashionista

Swollen legs abound in the vicinity of under my dresses. I'm sorry for the sight this will cause you.  I've been told by the lovely Ruth of  Just for You Millenary that magnesium chelate may help.  At the last resort I did see magnesium tablets being sold in the local Spar on the checkout. However in my ignorance I  didn't buy any.  It will be added to my packing list next year. Is this something that you suffer from on vacation or even living in a hot climate?  My legs reduce over night under aircon only to start the expansion again the next day. 

Moving on to a successful addition to packing this year, these Olay dry, but preloaded with  cleanser, face cloths. Easy and light for the suitcase. They foam up well under the tap. They are available readily in the supermarkets in Britain and probably where most readers live too.  Olay is rather  ubiquitous.

Talking of easy light packing how about a pair of harem trousers reinvented as a blouse.  My twisty necklace is so useful too. Just  £3 about 5 years ago. I just love it. You can see my legs are swollen in the pic.

I mentioned these trousers/blouse in my last post. On Saturday night I wore this item as a blouse. Another clever gadget. In the previous post as trousers.

I've worn a pair of grey cropped wide leg satin trousers with a gold Hush T shirt.  I wore wedge bronze sandals as the colour scheme was better than my yellow or white flats.

Unfortunately it was the night the resort put on a pirate show and so I was almost mistaken for the cast, to the right.

Back to my swollen legs as they appear poking out of a couple of sundresses.
This patterned dress was a last year purchase from Tu clothing. Tu really does have some gems now and then.  I wouldn't mind them selling icecream like this either.

This yellow dress was a purchase 2 years ago from Tenerife.  It's a Sandwich brand dress that I find ideal for hot vacations.
I wore my this year's M&S yellow flat sandals.  They are so comfortable they feel like air on the feet.

I'm finding that I'm wearing patterned dresses without necklaces.  Having a faux tan chest helps.  If I was white-white I'd feel naked without.

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  1. Very nice outfits! Loving all the summer looks!

  2. I've never had the swollen legs thing, but then again I holiday in the UK ... no hot climate there! How clever are those harem trousers worn as a blouse! You're looking great in that yellow patterned dress. I would have worn a blue necklace with it, mainly to hide my non faux tanned chest ... xxx

    1. I'm UK based too. Sussex but currently on vacation, as you can tell. I hear were having rain at home currently. No swollen problems there.

    2. Yes a blue necklace. I'll remember that.

  3. Well, my legs are too fat to tell if I suffer from swollen legs! I'm enjoying your OOTD diary and seeing how approach changes over 2 weeks, like reducing necklaces when the tan appears. Love all the dresses and so pleased this holiday is feeling better than last summer, apropos dressing for dinner.

  4. How fantastic to get two for the price of one! A top and trousers. I think that's so cool. I love the Yellow dress on you too, so pretty. Hope your having fun xx


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