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Insta round up and the Backdrop

Dear Fashionista  

I have been preoccupied with personal things recently so I hope you will forgive a cheat.  Do you mind if I do an insta round up.  This is going to be a challenge as I even haven't done much on instagram recently either, and yes a few of you have noticed.  I won't bore you with my arguments with local authorities  but that may yet be a blog.  Instead let's look at what I have worn when I have remembered to do my insta ootd post. 

During the browse through the gallery please note the photobombing objects left cluttered artfully placed by my daughter in the hall. 

First up we have trainers creatively pointing upwards accompanying my casual Friday look for work in a thrifted Zara blouse and M&S caridgan with jeans that I bought from M&S this year (shown here) with link if you wish to find them. 

Jeans see blog post here

Keeping the bombing theme, here I have embraced the very word and  wearing a New Look bomber jacket that I bought in the Autumn. I'm not convinced that I can wear a bomber at my age.  Do you wear bombers?

Without the bomber jacket I am once again relying on still life object d'art.  Trainers, lunchbox and bananas.  The T is Fatface from years ago and my own, as in not thrifted.  The trousers are chinos from M&S that I bought 2 years ago as an investment piece, which they are.  Similar or the same are still available from M&S.  This turned out to be a dual buy as the belt in leopard print is useful with other clothes.

Trousers chinos   here M&S Chinos

We move onto the larger stylising now, roller blades, which accompany my look of 6 year old M&S linen blouse and 2 year old Marla Wynne cropped trousers, seen here in black. The sandals are the ones that I wore to the Sky Garden with a navy dress.  My bag is Fiorelli  reduced to £35 from £90 odd and a bargain purchase of Mr Him's for me.  It made up for the lavendar eggs (if you read my Anna of the Mutton Years blog.)  I was off to a Saturday meeting where I was presenting a Trustee report for a national medical charity at the AGM (I was a trustee).  I also stood down that day after doing this role as a volunteer for several years.  My own job is now becoming quite intense and I want to concentrate on that for the next few years.  Anyway, that's why the work bag in large.  

Marla Wynne   trousers here

Lastly we have the throw it all down 3d Picasso of rollerblades plus trainers pictorially accessorizing my 3 year old Nina Leonard work top in black jersey and my new sale Sainbury's Tu £6 skirt.

Then finally there is the throw in the towel as I give up and style a glass of vino, vacumm cleaner lead and Mr Him's head.

Lastly, have you remembered to look at the silver jewellery of my last blog. Only a few days left for the discount so do look. 


  1. Yes, I did miss you on IG and the outfits you posted I liked very much. It's nice to see your photo bombing week chronologically documented!
    Talking of IG, have you been somewhere exotic for the weekend?!!!
    Hope your local authorities stuff sorts itself out soon for you.

    1. I'm on vacacion in the Canaries. That great British tradition, the annual holiday.

  2. Love all the background art! The clothes are pretty cute too!

  3. I love this,especially your specialty accessories. And yea for the wine-perfect way to end any post! Thank you for linking up and I am reading this just before I am going to bed and you are sending me to sleep smiling.

  4. Loving the extra look - mine are usually shoes with the addition sometimes of cases of beer!!!! Enough said. Jacqui


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