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The Poolside Cover Up Revisited

Dear Fashionista

I am home and thinking on one very useful item I have packed over the last 2 years.  A long, white, man's shirt.    I bought mine from M&S.  I cut off the collar to make a raw hem grandad collar.   I did the same to the sleeves. I wrote on this shirt here last year.

As this is such a generic and reaonably priced solution (you could easily pick up one at a thrift or charity shop even) to pool side covering it is worth another post to update on its uses.  

For the pool bar, obviously,

Folded lengthwise I used this to go around my neck and shoulder tops a few times to add protection when I thought I was overexposed on a sun bed.  This area of you can be exposed to the sun. 

A cover up walking along the shore over swimwear and shorts and you want protection on your back 

Cover up for when you are swimming in the sea and going for lunch.  I added a brown leather belt and a long necklace.  It worked as a shirt dress for a quick adaption. 

Mine is starting to yellow now from so much wear and pool water, so I am going to add some whitening to a wash and see if I can get it tennis white again. 


  1. I love a good beach/pool cover up! I think you can definitely whiten it up. Hang it out in the sun to dry after whitening. It will be super white! I just did my duvet cover!

  2. Great idea, Anna. I fell in love with the look in the 60s when a James Bond girl wore one. Still a classy look today and I love your spin with the belt and sandals, you've got the legs for the look!

    Welcome back;


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