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What to Wear in the Desert

Dear Fashionista

What would you wear in the desert?  It may seem  incongruous to put Fashionista and desert in the same paragraph let alone a wannabe Fashionista in the desert but that's what happened to me. I did draw the line at riding a camel though.  My back is far too middle aged for that adventure. Having dismissed camel riding I eliminated my oldest, scruffiest  of my packed  clothes and decided on last year Boden chino shorts, a four year old M&S t shirt, comfortable old Fitflops  (excuse me but I was walking difficult terrain. )  Do you wear Fitflops? I find them my stalwarts in the summer.

I need to have a browse here to find a new pair as these are pretty scruffy now 

A hat was essential for such an excursion. I like these UV protected Coolibar hats.  Mine is several years old.

Coolibar can be found here.

 I added a splash of colour with my summer mustard Kipling bag, again several years old.

What was I doing in a  desert?  Well it was the Dunes of Gran Canaria.  A protected area of desert like scenery.  Mr Him and I decided we had to explore.

Told you my back hurt!

We had lunch after this jaunt at El  Velero restaurante in Maspalomas  If you go ask for Abel. I'm sure he'd look after you.

Heading back to our hotel in Puerto Rico a nautical pose had to be struck given my attire.


  1. You nailed it in the desert. Had to be chinos in some form. I might have worn my uber trendy hiking boots :-)

    1. I had a good giggle at your boots comment. Thanks for making me smile 😊

  2. A perfect outfit to tackle the "desert". And I learned something new, as I'd never heard of Fitflops! xxx

    1. Thank you. Makes a change frin fatigues and camo for the desert:)

  3. I love the canary islands! I love those potatoes with the pesto! And the fresh fish!😀😀

  4. I am so envying you right now Anna. It's been awful weather at home! Looking fabulous, the photos are lovely xx

    1. Thank you. I'm back in blighty now and see what you mean.


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