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What to Wear to the Pub

...when you are in your fifties and in denial.  

Earlier this week I showed you a casual white jeans look for me.  Now the heat wave is over I'm looking forward to wearing them more.  I do like a white jeans look and intend to take every opportunity to wear them before summer proper arrives in the UK. 

On Sunday Mr Him and I took a stroll to our 'local'  (synonymous with bar in the UK.)  

An opportunity to get out those white jeans again.  These M&S jeans are about 6 years old.  As is typical for me the story behind their acquisition is one of adventure. Six years ago I was very much of the opinion white jeans  (advertised then as skinny, but we now know just how skinny skinny has gone since )  were for the, well younger than me age group.  I was wrong, clearly.  Still when I was persuaded by my then 12 year old daughter that I could and should buy these white jeans I did so to appease her.  To wear them I popped tunics or short dresses over the top. I didn't wear them to the office.  (What did I do last Friday? Wear them to the office, and without a tunic. ) Honestly I don't know where my head was 6 years ago. This is a theme if you think back to my summer dress story posted last Sunday.

Talking of premature aging we passed these new retirement flats.  They are available from the age of 50.  Haven't they got the message we 50 odd year olds are still 'fierce'!  I will continue to live the lifestyle of passing the odd Sunday afternoon with a vino and friends.  (note the refreshing ice in the rose.) 

On to how I wore them last Sunday weekend.  Very simply, with a flowery blue cowl neck Kim & Co blouse.  Sleeveless.

Do you wear cowl necks?  I actually think it's one of the most flattering necklines for me.  I think because I'm round faced and a cowl adds a v structure.  This top is about 4 years old and is one of my favourites.  So favourite it rarely is worn.  I'm dealing with that.  Favourites should be worn.

How do you dress to go out for a drink or coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon?  Are your favourites so favourite that they aren't worn? 


  1. Looks lovely, Anna, as does the rose. Yes, white jeans are perfect for our current summer. I have quite a few cowl's, love your drape, colour and print. I'd love to cowl-up with you guys in your local but it's not so much a thing over here, pubs were closed on Sundays until in recent years and I think it was too late for us to pick up on that tradition. So it was gardening for me today, again.

  2. this is one of my favourite outfits on you Anna.I'm just walking away from the super skinny jean now, not because I'm too old, just because I'm bored with them and I think the jeans your wearing, which I would call straight are just so much more flattering. I think you would love Bonmarche straight jeans. They do different leg lengths and I wear the shorter leg length. although these M&S one's look fab on.xx

  3. Loving this look on you! Very stylish and summer perfect! Great post doll! Thank you for linking up with the Ladies Who Link Up! Peace!

  4. Nice to meet you on the link up. I love your look I've got straight leg jeans that I love, albeit rather hot for them now. Jacqui


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