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Accidental Capsule

Dear Fashionista

I know many of you capsule.  Me, I'm an accidental capsuler.  A couple of weeks ago I decided to get out my work clothes in advance and hang them ready for the week.  Well, this plan stretched out to, oh all of 3 days outfits, at first. 

Having decided on these 3 outfits I was exhausted and took a bevy break (UK for drink, any sort of drink).   After said break I didn't return to my clothes planning.  There's a warning. Do not abandon task for bevies.

After another bevy I did have a brainwave along the lines of 'darn it, I'll reuse the items.'  After the third bevy I was convinced that I had just  invented capsuling.  Clearly I was delusional.

My capsule consisted of 3 skirts, 3 blouses and 2 cardigans.  Here is how it panned out.

Day 1 

Lets call this blouse 1, cardigan 1 and skirt 1 . Its a grey skirt, white blouse and light pink cardigan. Note how I'm smiling. It is the beginning and I am full of hope and creativity.

Day 2

then we have skirt, blouse and cardigan set 2  (with a smudgy lens on my camera) in dusky pink and black.  Still I'm smiling. 

Day 3

with skirt and blouse numbers 3 (wiped lens on camera) with grey and black items.  Happy face.  No repeats yet. 

Day 4

skirt 2, blouse 3, cardigan 1  (with wet hair).  Barely there pink caridgan and black top and skirt.  I'm looking pleased with this combination, black and light light pink.

Day 5

Skirt and blouse 1, cardigan 2.  This was my least favourite, until I got to the last day.  It needed the blouse to be tucked in I think.  Let alone I had wet hair and back ache so have an awkward stance.  I had a bout of back sprain just prior to this and had been on  codeine and diazapam for 3 days prior.  I wore this on my return to work and you can see from my stance and grimace that I hadn't fully recovered.   I wasn't too fussed about making the outfit work better, I was more concerned about my pain, and putting on a brave face.  

Day 6 

cardigan 1, blouse 2, skirt 3.  This outfit surprised me.  I thought that the blouse and skirt would go well together but in fact actually needed a belt to separate the colours.  I had thought the pastel blush caridgan would clash with the dusky blouse and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't.  I liked the lightness of this ensemble. Perfect for a UK summer for office wear.  Summer pastels but warm materials.  II'm fed up with braces smile though.

Day 7 

I used cardigan and skirt 2 and blouse number 3.  A little plain butt another outfit.  I actually ended up buttoning the top button after the photo was taken,  It was a more stylish look that way.  Do you do up one top button on your cardigan?  If not try it.  It does make a difference when its a crew neck. Day 4 is a good example if you scroll back up.  This could have done with a belt or long necklace to break up the expanse too.  I've lost my smile at this stage.

Day 8

cardigan and blouse 2 with skirt 1.  I added a belt to add definition to my waist and once again did the top button up on the cardigan.  This is an outfit I have worn before so was fairly routine for me.  

Day 9

Cardigan and blouse 1, skirt 2. For this outfit I added interest with a snake print belt.  By this point I was in the 3rd week of the capsule. No one at work was impolite enough to comment on my lack of variety.  However, I was bored by now.  I was feeling the lack of colour in my work life.

Day 10

Cardigan 2 with blouse and skirt 3.  What a concoction but I couldn't finish the capsule without mixing these patterns.  I bravely wore it to work and hid in a corner.  My smile is forced, and my hair wet.  

What are my thoughts?  If you recollect I accidentally capsuled, after a few bevies  Given that circumstance it was pure luck that I had 2 pinks as my colours and 3 neutrals rather than a total cacophony of colour.   In total I had 7 items to play with.  This is a bit tight.

I enjoyed the simplicity of very little decisions to make and the discovery of some outfits that I wouldn't have thought of, such as the musky pink with light blush.  On the other hand as I said, boredom set in after 2 weeks, and I had the benefit of abandoning this for 3 days a week due to casual Friday and weekends.  

If I were putting a capsule together, on purpose without prior bevies,  I would 

  • use 3 neutrals at least as I had done here in grey, black and cream.  
  • have 2 colours that mixed with the neutrals. I would have one pattern not two (see the last pic, fondly called the patchwork). 
  • have plenty of belts, necklaces and include coloured beads that will work with the capsule colours, and if the weather is appropriate then scarves too
  • use bags for pops of colour so add those into the capsule.  This was for work so just my work black bag was used.
  • Have more than 7 items, maybe at least 10
That was my experience with an accidental capsule.  

What points would you add to the above list?  What ideas would you bear in mind, items you would add? How can my experience help you to capsule?   I intend to capsule again and will do it on purpose this time.


  1. Firstly, congratulations on creating a verb, to capsule.
    Secondly, didn't you do well?! Your choices were fab - 10 days and you still had more combos left in your capsule - and though you were left pining for navy by day 11, you could have held out.
    Thirdly, don't go searching for more to zhjooge things up. Sounds like hard work. Sit back, enjoy more bevies and start Monday from day 1 again.
    Hugs, X.

  2. You seriously have the most amazing skirts! Need to add some like yours to my office staples!

    XX from Germany
    Want Get Repeat

  3. You did well with your accidental capsule. I couldn't do it. I'm a maximalist through and through. I am actually one of those crazy people who assembles and hangs up a week's worth of outfits in advance. Whenever I get fed up, I'm thinking ahead of the bevy/bevies I'm entitled to after I've finished. Doesn't always work though ... xxx

  4. You did very well, the outfits don't look in the least repetitive. I love the black skirt! I can't think of anything else to add to your future capsule as you covered accessories. A bit of leopard print?

  5. This is amazing and shows what you can do with a small amount of things as long as they can play nicely together. I especially love the last pattern mixing take on it. I did an capsule over a year for five days and had a great time.

  6. Accidental Capsuler!
    Hahahaha...I love that.
    I suppose we all do it to some extent, don't we?
    Wearing our favourites over and over.
    I love how you have made each outfit seem different and fresh, like you used so many more pieces.
    A great post, thank you for sharing!
    Fake Fabulous | Fake it until you make it! Style Tips & Fun with Fashion, over 40

  7. It's not such a bad idea that a capsule wardrobe has crept up on you. Look how many great outfits you have created from these items. I'm the same.I create capsule stuff without realising, and none of these items will date Anna

  8. Perhaps the accident was meant to be! I think you did very well and love the combinations you put together. They look classic.
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  9. You've got some super pieces here, they all work well together, I'm liking skirts atm, but haven't got nearly enough! Jacqui


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