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Being Mary, Meeting Laurie

Dear Fashionista

On Sunday I had a great to do amongst my clothes.  I was meeting a real life  Fashion blogger for lunch (Laurie from Vanity and Me). Not only did I have to attempt in my amateur way to look the part for Chiswick  (a posh part of suburban London where we had agreed to meet. It has witches too) but I had to dress for UK weather. 

I had planned to try pattern mixing. What better time to attempt such a bold fashion manouvre than when meeting a blogger to ask opinions on said manouvre. The morning dawned sunny and warm.  The jacket  set aside for my pattern mix manouvre was not going to work as it would be too warm.

A quick not so quick throwing on of clothes ensued.

Too busy together, lace and pattern

Sleeves of T shirt too long below kimono.

Various combinations of the above later I remembered that my blogger older twin Mary The Pouting Pensioner  wearing a very chic look that I had promised to copy.  Mary's Blonde on Blonde look is here. She talks of a Scandinavian chic but Mr Him reminded me that we saw similar blonde on Blonde looks in Monte Carlo and that I had commented on how chic it looked.

So out came a 'blonde' vest and cardigan with stylish holes.  The cardigan was bought on vacation in Crete several years ago. It was cheap as chips and won't date but I haven't worn it before now.   Yes intentional holes. I added gold backless loafers, my silver story necklace then lipstain. We'll come back to that!  My white Boden raw hem jeans for the on blonde part (and discretion.)

My bag was a Flemish tapestry bag from Belgium.  In Brussels, in the Grand Place, there is a lovely tapestry shop, mostly cushions. It's been there for years and this bag is years old. If you visit Brussels do go and look in there.

(Goodness don't I sound the jet setter today.)

I then stood in bright sunshine by the white radiator and blended. In fact the blending into the radiator couldn't have been better!

shoes  here

jeans Boden 2016

necklace Silver Story here

Here are Laurie and I, 

and my desert.

Laurie was wearing her pink Hawes and Curtis blouse featured here.  I have to say she looked super in it and it really is a very good quality shirt. It looks fabulous in real life.  


  1. Anna. It was so lovely to meet you! We must do it again asap And I think you looked stunning.Nothing better than blogger friends meeting for a chat xx

  2. Wow, that was a stylish last minute OOTD you put together, it looks absolutely gorgeous on you, simple chic and the surprise bag is so unique and is your one pop outside of your blonde on blonde outfit. Love it and am so proud to have helped! Looks like you had a great meet up with the lovely Laurie. Two lovely blonde kittens sitting having lunch must have been a sight to behold 😻!!

  3. A Flemish tapistry bag from Belgium, no less. Being Flemish, and from Belgium, that really made me feel proud! I fully approve of the rest of your outfit too, and how lovely that you were able to meet up with Laurie, who I'm following as well! xxx

  4. How fun that you two fashion bloggers got together! You both look great!

  5. You do look fabulous for your meet-up with Laurie, I hope it was a pleasing time, that cardigan is lovely, looks great over your jeans and tee shirt. Jacqui

  6. Hi there! Nice to see you and Laurie visiting my neck of the woods :-) I really love your loafers and the 'holey' cardi - spot on for relaxed style :-) I'm glad to have found you from the bloggers linking up on #Ashley&LaurieLinkUp


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