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Casual Fridays

Casual Friday can often cause a dilema on the clothing front when it comes to deciding what is office appropriate for a wannabe style sensation like me. It's even more of a challenge when you are in your fifties.  This wannabe style sensation (me) wants to balance being casually on trend without looking like I'm  dressing like my daughters.   I am able to wear jeans on a Friday and  I do like to take advantage of this to get out of the corporate skirts, but  I do think that the casual Friday thing is perhaps more challenging for mutton years like I.  What style of jeans?  What length of top?  Logo or not logo?  T shirt or button down shirt?  

Below are some formulas that I have adopted over the years in order to feel comfortable that I am doing casual Friday appropriately for my age and the office (with fingers desperately crossed.)

Adding a necklace to a plain T shirt and cardigan smartens up the casual for the office environment.

Equally adding a jacket to T shirt.

A breton is a go-to for me on a Friday.

I fall back on a long caridgan quite a bit on a casual Friday

I have occasionally swapped the denim around by using a denim shirt with black jeans

Swapping out the denim jeans for coloured jeans

or chinos

is another trick that I use now and then.

How about you?  How do you feel comfortable on a casual Friday?  Do you have any tricks for making casual office and age appropriate?


  1. It would have to be comfortable that's for sure! I like all of the above styles Anna and I think your style choices are great. xx

  2. Oh you've opened up an old wound. I used to dread mufti days and so did my poor hubby who had to support me through weekly tears, grumps and swearing as I tried on umpteen combos at 6am, only to leave for the office absolutely hating what I was wearing - and with a pile of clothes left on my floordrobe! But I would have been so proud to walk into the office wearing any one of your mufti outfits, you pitch mufti absolutely perfectly, sweet friend, x.

    1. Thank you . I hope I've provided some ideas for others with the dilema.

  3. I'm lucky in that I can wear whatever I like at the office, but I'd never be able to do casual as well as you do. If I had to pick a favourite, it's got to be the outfit with the breton top, followed by the black jeans/denim shirt combo. xxx

  4. I too had troubles with this concept at first. My philosophy is if you wouldn't want your BEST customer/client to see you don't wear it. I like your looks with jacket, cardi, colored jeans and denim jeans. I never wear any with stress/rubbed areas, they look like I'm ready for a hike rather then a meet & greet. I've worn denim dress with belt and scarf too on occasion. Leggings or jeaggings with a nice tunic sweater or top and boots or flats are a comfy if you are sitting a lot. I feel strappy sandels again too hike like than office. Loafers of a ballet flat finish the look with a Friday polish. Remember a smile is still the best accessory! TGI(almost)F

    1. I tend to wear wedge sandals which I keep under my desk. As I'm petite I'm not so comfortable in loafers in the office as I feel too vertically challenged. I think you make a good point re loafers and ballet flats though. I'm going to try this. Thank you


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