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Lipstain Files and the Wrong Colour

Dear Fashionista

On Saturday I bored my Insta followers (Mutton_style if you are interested in being a follower who is bored)  by demonstrating a lipstain that I had bought that morning from Sainsburys.  It was Maybelline superstay 24 hour lip colour.   I had bought  510 Red Passion. There wasn't a sample in store so I went by the colour card which looked to me like it was a rusty red and may well suit me.  It also had a label advising that it was one of the most popular selling shades.  That sold me, well it to me.  

At home I swiped this across my mouth with ne'er a care.  At once I looked like something out of the Adamms Family.  Yes I was quite the Morticia.  It was bright, it was vivid, it was there for 24 hours!  Or so I feared.  I added the moisturising end (it comes with a lip moisturiser at one end.)  The lipstain still stayed.  I had coffee, tea, alcohol.  It stayed.  I did housework.  I drenched myself cleaning the showerhead. Then, an hour or two later, I saw natural skin  on the inside of my lips. It was wearing off. I wasn't sure whether to be disappointed that it wasn't going to be on me for 24 hours, or to let out a sigh of relief. 

After lunch the stain had become patchy.  It was wearing off at the sides of my lips and leaving a red round cherry.  I had become Betty Boop.  

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Morticia, Betty Boop or vivid red long staining lipstick...I just have something against them when they involve my warm pale skinned visage in age mutton, and I have to admit, no other make-up at the time and it was the wrong red for me.  

By mid-afternoon I had showered and washed my hair.  The 24 hour stain was still on the centre of my lips.  Now to be fair at this point I couldn't say whether if I hadn't added the moisturiser on top or eaten mayonnaise for lunch whether it would have stayed on my whole lips and not gone patchy.  So what did I do for an honest review? Being a dedicated blogger I put it on again but this time without the moisturiser and without eating mayonnaise.  This was a particularly brave move as we had guests over in the evening. Guests that I didn't know.   Guests who have moved in next door to us.  

I went to prune roses.  What else do you do when testing lipstain? Whilst admiring the blooms in red, orange, pink and cinammon I pondered the meaning of lipstains in the right colour.  A long lasting stain would be fabulous.  I just needed to find the right shade for me, if this really was going to  stay on me for 24 hours.

Unfortunately even without applying moisturiser , or mayonnaise,  the stain disappeared once again from my lips in a migratory pattern, inside outwards,  leaving a ring on the outside.  

I know that this brand and their lipstains are highly thought of so I decided to try another colour. One that would blend more naturally into my natural lip colour. One that would suit me. I gave the red to Miss 22.  It wouldn't be wasted. 

My second attempt was Dusky Rose.  This had similar results to the first barring the Morticia side effects.  After a few hours it started wearing unevenly off my lips. However as this one was so much closer in colour it was less noticeable. 

It is to be noted that these lipstains by Maybelline are described as lasting up to 24 hours. Also reviews for these lipstains are high so maybe my lips are the issue.

Moving on to a lipstain that I have mentioned before, my Kat Von D in Double Dare.  This is a colour that I comfortably wear in the office and at weekends. Its a cocoa musky sort of  nude.  It does last but again on me not 24 hours.  I find it lasts me one meal and drink then needs reapplying.  Kat Von D is available in most worldwide locations.  In the UK it can be ordered on line from Amazon or Debenhams.  I found Debenhams click and collect the cheapest option.  

My Kat Von D in Double Dare does wear off, it does not last on me 24 hours but it tends not to go patch on me. It appears to fade more evenly on my lips.

Kat Von D from Debenhams online is £19.  The Maybellilne version cost me just shy of £10.  The Kat Von D actual lipstain is bigger than the Maybelline version but I can't find volumes available.  It does not come with a lip conditioner.  Maybelline lipstain has a conditioner. 

size comparison

Some points I will consider next time i buy a lipstain

  • Do make sure to buy a long lasting stain of the the right colour or be prepared to lock oneself in the house for 24 hours.
  • Do not buy without trying a tester first.  Do not just go by the colour card.  Cards and screens come to that can be misleading. 
  • Do not buy because it's advertised as the best selling colour.  That does not mean it will necessarily suit you me. 


  1. Thanks for the review. Your second choice sounds ideal, long-lasting, just what's needed. I can't imagine waking up to Morticia lips, and I don't think hubby would either!
    Hope your Meet The Neighbours went well, despite your lipstain ordeal.

    1. It went very well thank you. Next post is on the evening. Saturday that will be out.

  2. Forgive me if it wasn't meant to be, but I found this post rather funny. Laughing out loud funny! So annoying when there's no tester, as colour cards never show the right shade. I haven't tried Maybelline's or any other lipstain. Frankly, the 24 hour bit scares me a little. What if it hasn't worn off when going to bed? xxx

    1. Yes I was writing with humour so no fear. Just fear the 24 hour lipstain.

  3. Oh my! I couldn't help but laugh as I read about experience! I keep trying to find a nice red color, but so far haven found "the one".

  4. Ha ha, what a story! I hate those 24 lasting lipsticks. They dry out my lips so badly!


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