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The Kates and Katies in Yellow

I'm not one for imitating a Primula, normally,  but I thought I'd dabble for a change.  In fact I seem to be having a bit of a 'thing' for yellow at the moment.

Primula vulgaris Plants

For instance,  look at this fun  Kate Spade pendant! I just couldn't resist.  

Link to necklace here 

When I saw it in Kate Spade in Sloane Square  (I know, I'm a posh bird) it brought back warm feelings of NYC and my trip in February  here.

Back to the look of the Primula. I'm not talking of a tube of cheese, although it maybe equally fitting.  Actually let's go with that too.

Primula cheese spread #RetroFoods #70s...loved the cheese and ham

On Sunday we went to see War for Planet of the Apes (which is a good film I have to say) and to have a quick bite to eat in a Wetherspoons first.

It was a gorgeous pie by the way, with mushy peas

I decided to try out my new yellow blouse. I paired it on this occasion for its inauguration, with white jeans and added  a pop of colour with my loyal red Birkies. 

This top is the Katie blouse from Boden. It's linen so does crease easily.  

This time I added a mini tassle necklace but another day I think I will  wear it with my new red  'dingle dangle' earrings for a fun daytime outfit. 

I used a neutral tan bag but again another time may add a red bag to add a splash of colour. 

link to blouse

This top and I may have some fun if the weather improves again.  As I write this we are forecasted for heavy rain and it feels like I should put the fire on.  How quickly it changes. 


  1. It's a lovely top and it looks tons better on you than in that Boden pic. You're a great model for Boden. I love yellow and white together, so fresh.

  2. The Primrose coloured blouse provides a ray of sunshine in this unseasonable weather. I love how you paired it with the tassel necklace and the red sandals, providing a further pop of colour. xxx

    1. I was surprised at how well they went together actually.

  3. What a great look! I love that top on you, fresh and comfortable.

  4. Yellow is such a pretty color on you and it's perfect paired with the white jeans! :)

  5. The forecast is good for next week at least. So you should get more wear. I have a couple of items waiting to be worn. Hasn't the weather been awful? I'm very much liking the Yellow pendant Anna. That's really cute. xx

    1. Thank you. It's cheered up a bit now. I'll have to convert this to a casual Friday look whilst I can.

  6. Rather like the yellow, white and blast of red! Maybe one to try out. x Jacqui


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