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The Shirts

It was the last week of August when the plants aligned. Yes plants. Not planets. Not in my world. In fact it would be more accurate to say roses (or rosa in Latin) rowed up.  These rosa aligned, rowed up, with various prompts.  The first alone I could ignore.  That first being Laurie wearing her floral Hawes and Curtis shirt when I met her.  Fair enough.  No meaning in that.  She had to wear something after all. However, I was nudged by the beauty of her shirt and how well it looked on her, to look once again at the website.  Her pink shirt is no longer available but a cotton shirt with roses on caught my eye.  I looked at the price and closed my laptop.  I was not sure, quite, whether I would get £39 worth of wear from it.

Two days later my commuting colleague and friend, (the Nat Nav or Needlework Natalie. If you read my Anna blog you will know of her) showed me a picture of a jacket that she had just made for herself.  Oh, wow.  It is stunning isn't it. 

I was reminded of the roses shirt that I had seen on the Hawes and Curtis website.   I showed Natalie.  On seeing it I was filled with a little longing.  I pressed the button.

The day that it arrived Gail from Is this Mutton planted a Darcy Bussell rose. The plants had finally fully aligned, the roses had rowed up.  This shirt of rosa was meant to be in my life.

I tried the shirt on on 'Hot Sunday'. It was so hot I was in shorts and please excuse the pics but I was not changing out of them.  We do not have air con in the UK at home.  Whilst a shirt and shorts is a fabulous look I would not choose the colour I had on.  (I had made these shorts that morning by cutting down some cobalt trousers that I never wear.  Funnily enough I think I'll get more wear from this colour as a pair of shorts.  We'll see. Back to the shirt...)

My views on trying it on.

I like the colour on me and I think its a fun shirt.   I wish I had sized up as its is a fitted style and mutton tummy does not do fitted so well when it is  true to size.

How will I wear it?

I will wear it to work on a casual Friday with jeans or on a business dress day with a skirt.

I will wear it at weekends.  How?  Unlike Laurie's, which looks satin, this one being cotton, is more casual.  I would wear it for a coffee with friends (when does this happen...never), pizza takeaway evening such as a couple of weeks ago  with our new neighbours,  perhaps travelling abroad for work.  This could have done for going to Oslo for instance. In fact it may be fabulous for doing presentations in as they won't look at me for admiring the garden.  Perhaps I could wear it to  meet friends for sightseeing and lunch.  That does happen.  It's a shirt that would suit both activities.

Yes I can think of times when my exising wardrobe is either too casual or too smart and I have little choice in between.  Here, in this shirt, I now have another choice.

Talking of shirts, I had also, coincidentally, already had ordered a fun shirt from the Boden sale. Unfortunatly no longer available. 

My reason for this purchase was that I have noticed many women wearing shirts casually on blogs and instagram.  As I work in shirts my wardrobe is deplete of fun versions.  I wondered whether I was missing out.  The Boden sale seemed a perfect opportunity to sample a fun shirt and see how much wear I would get out of such an item at a weekend.  This shirt has little icons of summer beaches on it, bikini clad lady, palm trees, sun umbrellas and books .   I have to say Mr Him is not keen on this one, but I will wear what I want, to quote Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb.  If I want to wear sunbathing ladies and palm trees as a fun shirt then I will!  There, Mr Him, you've been told!

How would you wear these shirts?  Any ideas for this weekend shirt wearing novice?  What type of event would you wear a fun shirt to?  All suggestions welcome.

You may notice that my hair is slightly different.  I have parted it on the side.  A lovely lady from Australia on a facebook group suggested that I try a side parting.  She may be right.  I need to work it in and train the hair but I did use to have a side parting then moved it to the middle in my 40s to look more sophistacated.  Maybe in my 50's I am better with a side parting. What I once saw as  babylike may now be youthful.

Please do tell me your thoughts on  when and where to wear my shirts. I'd love to hear from you as a comment below.  Let the discussion begin.


  1. You had me at rose garden. I'm a sucker for a rose print.
    You look lovely and yes, I know a lot of fashionistas like you wear shirts casually too. My personal equation is shirt + cotton = ironing -/- Pout + heavy toppage = No Wear! But you look wonderful rockin' the shirt and shorts combo and have me yearning in a perfect-world sort of way. Hugs, x.

  2. What cute fun shirts. Reading this I realizes I don't have any cute, fun shirts. I may need to rectify that. Good for you, Mr. Him will deal, lol! I love seeing the lovely items you can find in the U.K.

  3. Glad to have helped in the rosy shirt decision making process. Darcey Bussell seems to like it here and has new buds!

    I have some Boden "fun skirts" but not a fun shirt. Johnny likes his fun! I saw a long fun shirt worn with a long sleeveless gilet and leather trews, and it looked cool. I think yours would be great with a jacket and maybe culottes for work. Gail

  4. I've not got many shirts, but now I may try and look for one suitable for my broad shoulders. Thanks for sharing these pieces. Your friends jacket is amazing! Jacqui

  5. Firstly, can I have your friends number?!! how gorgeous is that jacket? Secondly both shirts look fantastic on you and I love the Boden one, a brand I have never used as of yet.Thirdly, my shirt is cotton too. I'm looking forward to seeing how you wear the shirts in different ways Anna.Red/Maroon trousers or skirt will look great with the Hawes Curtis one. xx


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