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Unlikely Inspiration

Do you remember my post on Nadine here. Well in that same vein Marissa of The Good Wife and The Good Fight  (the spin-off) is another unlikely screen style icon to my mind. Yet, like Nadine, she pulled an outfit out of her  closet that I found myself replicating for work.

It was simply black and mustard.  So easy if you happen to have a mustard jacket or cardigan. 

Talking of unlikely screen style inspiration how about Mrs Brown!  

An obvious Fashionista, haha.   Here she is in an early series way ahead of my curve by flouting leopard and pink before I did, here.

not a good pic but you get the idea


  1. Black and mustard is not a bad look at all, but look at Mrs Brown in her leopard and pink outfit. Who knew she was such a trendsetter ;-) xxx


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