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What to Wear for Pizza Night with Guests You Don't Know

Yes, a conundrum indeed.  Why would you have guests you don't know anyway.  Well you might if they have just moved in next door.  We wanted to get to know them.  After all they would soon know us warts and all just from general house and garden noise. Let's be up front.  Show them our best side and get them on 'Team Parent ' before the young adults and dogs totally ruin our reputation before we've started.

We decided not to look like we were trying too hard.  A takeaway would strike that casual ambiance we were hoping to achieve.  As it happened their favourite thing is a 'Dominoes pizza night' at home. We were already on the same wavelength.

Plans were in motion, Dominoes menu laid out, 'Prozzie' in the fridge, a superfood  salad bought from Sainsbury's along with coleslaw and a cheesecake.

What to wear then. Dressy but not dressy.  I had spied the wife earlier in the week in a barbie pink mac.  Ah, not adverse to colour then! So my flame jeans were selected. How to pair them for casual entertaining at home?

I rummaged.  Plain T shirts too plain.  Embroidered T shirts too fussy with flame, blue and white striped frilly blouse too trying too hard for takeaway pizza when combined with flame. I selected my Gap off the shoulder  £4.99  black top. A  compromise between just thrown it on plain T and I've pushed the boat out blouse.

I added a fun necklace, my yellow Kate Spade taxi necklace.  This was to show I was a tasteful and current midlife mother next door.

Lastly my gold metallic Dune backless loafers for the same above reason.

The top and loafers were last worn together here  . Clearly a summer go to combination. 

Now I don't believe I'm an expert entertainer as evidenced by the linked post here where I am hostess of the most lostness but I do believe we displayed ourselves admirably and we had a darn good evening.  It was finished off by standing in the garden watching the Perseid meteor shower. Even the sky cleared of clouds for us. 

Shopping links for our evening are below

Flame trousers  - no longer available from Tu clothing 

Pizza - Dominoes to your taste

Salad Florette superfood salad  link is to Ocado just to show you what it looks like

coleslaw  Taste the Difference luxury coleslaw

nibbles - olives and feta cheese, cheese straws

cheesecake  New York Style from Sainsburys .  We added a raspberry coulis to the table, also Sainsburys

Neighbours - to your taste and locale

meteor shower - in your local sky when it sees fit

Alchohol -  Processco, Aperol Spritz, red wine, beer to taste. Just add to neighbours and mix


  1. How nice of you to invite your new neighbors over! Your outfit is perfect for the occasion! I read your lip stain post too. So Funny! I tried to comment, but the comment section wasn't working. I wanted to say that I only tried the Kat V. product and I have mixed results depending on the shade. Some shades are still there on my mouth the next morning I wake up. Others wear off and leave the ring around my mouth you described. I would really love to try LipSense sometime!

  2. So funny, Olivia, err, I mean Anna. Lovely outfit for the evening. I enjoyed seeing your rationale for the pieces laid put in in a sort of flowchart. Glad the evening went well. Enjoy your weekend, x.

  3. I think it's a great way to get to know your neighbours! Good choice of outfit too, just right for a pizza night. Love the yellow taxi necklace! xxx

  4. Perfect outfit for that!! It's good to get to know your neighbors!

  5. Tasteful and current..... perfect for meeting new people and making a great impression.
    Backless loafers are always a winner in my book!!
    A fab look.
    Thank you so much for linking up #fakeituntilyoumakeit
    Fake Fabulous | Fake it until you make it! Style Tips & Fun with Fashion, over 40

  6. Oh that's nice! Your neighbours couldn't wish for better neighbours!

  7. How lovely to invite your new neighbours over! The perseid meteor shower was pretty amazing! Love your bright trousers! Thanks for linking up :-)

    Emma xxx


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