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Capsule for the Office

One of the commonalities of my Being series in the Spring was 'the shirt'.   Here , here and here.  This would be because I am predominantly office bound and constantly looking for inspiration using my existing wardrobe. 

It occurred to me that these items may make a useful capsule for women returning to work or new comers to the work force. 

With that in mind I have spent a few work days weeks months changing up these looks.

Jane's military and stripes with jeans, which for me was much more comfortable than my skirt effort and closer to how Jane put this look together. A good casual Friday look.

Still with casual Friday, Laurie 's black jacket,  Jane's striped shirt and Tina's belt and necklace with jeans.  The weather was  favourable so I broke out my backless loafers for this look.

Then I tried Jane's blue, striped shirt, pearls, jeans and Tania's red jacket, (and back to my boots).  This would work equally as well with cropped jeans and flat sandals or loafers though.

This time I paid more attention to detail and laid the necklace inside my collar as Jane had done.  It added a bit of  'cool' I thought. 

I was fairly desperate to get out of my ankle  boots at this time!

These were new M&S jeans.  Cropped super skinnies.  I will link at the bottom.  I wore them uncropped here by not rolling up the bottoms.  Better for the weather I was experiencing at the time. During the spring and summer I rolled them for a cropped look.

I surprised myself with this outfit. I wouldn't have thought navy stripes and red jacket would have worked so well as it did. It's a keeper of a look for me.

Jacket Precis and old

Shirt Zara and old

Faux Pearls M&S last year 

Keeping with the red, white and blue theme I used the white shirt and red jacket a la Tanya and my navy skirt on a smart office day.  I added a old M&S heart buckle belt and used a delicate necklace.  A patriotic look.  

Black skirt with Laurie's black jacket , and Jane's navy striped blouse and Tiina's leopard belt and delicate necklace. 

So there in effect we have a work capsule for smart Monday to Thursday and casual Friday.  There are many more looks to be generated from this capsule spin wheel. 

The items used to make up this starter capsule are:

Patterned shirts. Spotted would work as well as stripes but my preference is white background as it's,  well,  corporate, with navy. 

White shirt.  Although I'm an autumn colouring and not meant  to wear white I do as white is 'smart.'  

1 navy skirt 
1 black skirt 
1 red jacket 
1 black jacket 
1 navy jacket
Jeans for casual days
2 statement belts and one plain 
1 statement necklace 
1 delicate necklace 

I would add a few cardigans too that would co-ordinate with the colours, and maybe a multicoloured shirt. As below for instance.

Scarves are useful as well, obviously. 

Is that a useful starter list for our returning to work sisters? 


  1. Loving that striped blouse. I'm usually a sucker for horizontal striped shirts but now I think I need a vertical striped one too!

  2. Great ideas for a businesswear capsule, Anna. I like that the capsule has evolved and has become something that really does work. Hugs, x.

  3. Thank you for linking this up!
    So interesting and helpful for me...I'm struggling TBH.
    I'm glad to hear you've been flexible and allowed your capsule to evolve so it works in real life.
    Fake Fabulous | Style and fun with fashion, over 40

  4. I do ave a Black Jacket, but I don't remember wearing one on the blog! I do have a Navy one though. I like all of these looks Anna. I'm now thinking of buying a stripe shirt. Love that on you. xx


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