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Hubs Dressed Me in Something Floaty

Dear Fashionista

We had a whopper of weekend weather for our long weekend at the end of August . I spent much of the time in the garden smeared in factor strong. I did some weeding and pruning, some lying on  newly cut grass because I could, some reading drinking a glass of water and some blogging accompanied by a glass of Aperol spritz. 

As we had a long weekend I used the Kilner jar dispenser to make a ready supply of flavoured water for the family.  I used oranges on the first day but by day 3  Miss 22 has decided to make a batch adding lemons and limes too. I must say even a non water drinker like me was downing this all weekend like there was a drought in the house. 

On Monday we sauntered to meet friends at our local Tavern.  I asked Mr Him what I should wear, playing along belatedly with 'hubs dressed me.'  He said 'something floaty as it's hot and white cotton.'  Hmm practical but I don't do or have floaty! I pondered then realised that I could wear my bargain  £6 Sainsbury's sale maxi and a last year Sainsbury's white broderie anglais blouse. 

I added yellow sandals and a yellow bag for two pops of colour.

I was pleased with this look, accessorised here by a  chihuahua.

The sandals are £19.50 from M&S. They do not have working buckles so are pull on by the elastic at the back.  

Sandals here

The friend I met is a size 2 1/2 . I suggested that these sandals in a size 3 might work due to the tight elastic which may hold the shoe on her.  These are also available in a classy black and beige.  I see a lady in those ones as she commutes in the mornings.  So chic.  If I was a 2 1/2 and had difficulty finding sandals I'd order both pairs to try out. If they fit then OK,  all good.  If not then it's so easy to return to M&S there's very little to lose.

Back to the Kilner jar, how would you flavour water? Have you added fruit to water?  I've heard of some who add cucumber. Have you? How does that taste?


  1. I' a 2 and 1/2 !! I can fit in Zara size 2!!! how sad is that and very annoying at times. I am loving this whole outfit with pops of Yellow . The bag is gorgeous.Do you find you have to look a little harder for bags like me Anna? They all look so much bigger on us petites. xx

  2. I love the pop of color with the yellow bag and sandals!! Your dog is so cute!!

  3. Great look :)) Love yellow and stripes :)))) Kisses - Margot :))

  4. What did the hubster think? If asked to dress me, my hub would probably have me in stuff marked 'Adidas." Your bank hol sounded great. I recall lying on the (fake) grass and listening to the bees.

  5. A lovely outfit, love the mix of yellow with it. Have a good week. x Jacqui

  6. What a beautiful outfit! I love that skirt!


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