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Is It Time to Stock up on Swimwear?

Dear Fashionista,

This may seem a little off season, well lots off season actually, but I recently ordered a swimming costume.  Whilst I was on vacation this year I did note that my oldest of swimwear was about 9 years old and losing elasticity.  I will mourn the item.  (Vacationers would mourn if I continued to use it.)   It may need to go in a box in the attic due to the number of holidays it's had with me, just for prosperity's sake.  Still, time waits for no vacationing fashionista so time to replace it.

I came across this website recently.  Have you heard of Seaspray?  I hadn't, but should have with all of those body flattering designs.

The costume that I have ordered is here  .  It seems true to size and I am pleased with the fit.  No pictures.  

There is a summer discount of 25% but when I paid with PayPal my purchase went through without applying the code.  I have emailed the company to no avail.  I will phone them next.   My message to you is be careful to make sure you do apply the code before going through to purchase.  However, Seaspray is also available from other suppliers  with sales abound given the time of year.  

Here are a few that I have found.


Simply Beach

House of Fraser

My new swimming costume is now tucked away for next summer.  I hope I get at least 9 years wear from this one. 

source the Seaspray website, not me.  


  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You have found yourself a beautiful swimsuit. Bet you booked you and it an autumn holiday in the sun for two when you finished writing this post, for how can you wait till next year to wear something so gorgeous?!! x.

  3. that looks very pretty! good idea to buy in the sale too,
    Thank you for joining the link up!


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