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Ivory, Aperol and Scenery By Anna

Dear Fashionista,

Your amateur wannabe fashionistas (that you can giggle at), the Pouting Pensioner and I, have once again hit the collab scene.  Our subject this week is how to wear rather 'posh' ivory/cream to drink the last Aperol Spritz of the season accessorised by late summer's evening scenery.

Phew, what a mouthful. What's more ivory/aperol spritz combo is a bit risky, but we got away with it. In my case only just.

On Thursday the sun shone brightly but not warm.  I was attending a lunch in London at a Livery Hall (more on that here). Afterwards I was invited to Madisons.  Now this may sound like a nightclub but it's a roof bar just opposite St Paul's cathedral.

For the day, which was a very corporate affair I chose to wear my M&S ivory tie neck blouse, along with a black skirt, black heels and a black Mango jacket.  

I did add  a necklace of gold and silver from Silver Story just so as I had interest if I removed the tie on the blouse. 

Skirt and shoes old

Jacket Mango AW 2016

As I said it is brave to wear this colour when consuming staining foods and drinks and you are an Anna of the Mutton years.  I tend to be a mucky whatsiname.  However, I did pick up some tips over lunch.  I was sitting at  a table with a lady who's husband was an M&S textile specialist.  She said she always just handed him her stained garments to clean.  Handy tip if you have a husband textile specialist.  In the event of not having one she said that he always said to use water. Conveniently, and deliberately to test this for you, not,  I had dripped beetroot down this blouse over lunch.  I had sneaked drips of white wine thinking that may work (in my head, beetroot - red wine, same difference) but she said the white wine red wine solution is a fallacy.  Her textile specialist husband swore by plain water. Failing that one of the various sprays.  On hearing this I ran off to the ladies and with nothing but water from the tap I removed the beetroot marks. 

On to the Aperol.  Yes I did get a slash on me and removed it home with water.  

My Aperol spritz

Now dear fashionista, the accessorising views.  I chose St Paul's to accessorize my drink and outfit as I mentioned.

see the funky suit in the background.  

I also guzzled sampled, well I had to didn't I, champagne

You can see from the sunshiine and attire that it was a warm late summer's evening

Now hop over to see how Mary has styled her ivory, Aperol and scenery in Guernsey here 


  1. Lovely bit of corporate schmutter, sweetie, and such glam scenery. Your other blog has a great post on the architecture.
    Oh Anna, I had to smile. I 'missed my mouth' drinking red wine at supper on Friday, think I stopped it from dribbling passed my chin but you've reminded me that I should check my new posh cream top.
    Agree, water is my first call these days. Some years ago a full bottle of red got matey with my 1yr old cream carpet. I threw a bottle of white at it, then soda water, then water. Red on cream meant that I was left with a dark puce stain the size of a small pond and it ended up an insurance job. I now have a beige carpet, just in case. So glad you got your beetroot off. As with all mishaps, quick action in the ladies clears most stains. Though turmeric is the worst, that hardly ever shifts.
    Gosh, I'm sounding like a domestic goddess/Stepford Wife ... better scram!
    Thanks for collabing, matey, hugs, x.

    1. Turmeric stains are the worst for braces too. Hence my curry the night before a change.

  2. I watched this on your stories Anna and I was quite envious! This setting looks right up my street. Is this near the first dates restaurant? I think you dressed very professionaly like I guess you have to on these occasions xx

    1. Yes it was about 7 minutes from the livery hall. I wrote about that here

  3. I hardly have any plain white or ivory items of clothing, for fear of smudging them, as I am quite an Ann(a) too. If I wore white or ivory to work, I'm sure it won't be white or ivory by the time I got there. And that's without eating or drinking anything. I love the setting, accessorized by St. Paul's! Lucky you! xxx

    1. I'm stunned I got away without getting permanant stains on the blouse.

  4. I just did the jump from Mary-and I am another clumsy one-I only drink white things in public. Beets would not be a good thing for me in public. That's one of the reasons I love black so much-stains don't show up.

    I love when you two collaborate-it's fun. I've been meaning to sent you a note about M&S-I had no idea they were shipping to the US-I'm just a little excited and been looking around their store a bit.

    1. Oh, you must look in M&S and order online. They have stock in globally at the same time or at least on line. In July i saw a blogger in Australia where a jumper she had just got from them down under. Although we had summer stock in store online I was able to find the jumper.

  5. Love that skirt, what a fab time you had - I would have guzzled the champers too!! lol Jacqui


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