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Roses and Pearls

Dear Fashionista

Today I am collaborating with my older blogger twin Mary the Pouting Pensioner.  The reason, well the Roses further rowed up actually.  Mary had in mind to do a piece on roses and pearls and we agreed that we could play with this look together.  

This involved me dragging out, and oh I was forced (not), my new Hawes and Curtis rose blouse and to wear it to work.  I have to say the comments that I received were quite astonishing.  This blouse really did make a statement in the office.  I found myself being talked to and smiled at so much more than normal.  Maybe because of the first few admirations I started strutting my stuff smiling and it became a feed back loop. Its amazing what a bit of first thing in the morning compliments do for the rest of the day.  I found excuses to walk other floors just to flaunt the blouse....really! 

That day I wore the shirt with pearl earrings to meet the roses and pearls challenge.  I chose a simple necklace in silver.

 For office wear I added a pleated skirt midi length.  I wanted to go with a  very feminine look for the first challenge.  

My second look was more grungified. I  wanted to make the blouse and pearls a bit more edgy for a casual Friday.  This time I felt that I could go overboard on the pearls with the roses by wearing my long knotted faux pearl necklace as in this case it  would be balanced by 'edge' in the form of my pleather moto jacket.

I tried to do a modern half tuck but the jacket and jeans aren't right.  You can see 1) the length of the shirt is aligned to the jacket and falling half way so cutting me right in half which is not the rule of thirds, and I needed to roll up the sleeves more (they are too long for me so I do tuck them up but in this pic not yet enough.)

and 2) the jeans are high waisted having the effect of making me look high waisted.

 Maybe I'm being too critical and maybe it only appears this way in the pic above but didn't in real life or the mirror, maybe its the camera angle, but to me it looks like I am trying to hard to look young and edgy but its aging as the waist of the jeans are wrong for the look.  I could have not shown you this but I wanted to point out the little things that we do need to notice if we are mutton.  

I settled on a full tuck which I could puff out thereby applying rule of thirds and reduce the effect of looking high waisted.  And I tucked up my sleeves.  Now it works.  

Pleather moto Tu clothing 

Faux pearls M&S

jeans M&S

With different jeans and a different jacket I would go for the half tuck,  a shorter jacket and lower waisted jeans.  If I do I will come back and update this post.

For information of rule of thirds look here 

Now it's time to pop over and see how Mary has tacked this look here

Lastly, will you be tempted to try our looks?  


  1. Gorgeous, Anna. And you're right, feeling good instils confidence and I've heard it's said that there's nowt as s#xy as confidence, which in turn creates a sassy walk. So I can totally understand why you found yourself in a compliments loop with that pretty shirt!
    My fave is that fab mufti outfit, sass, edgy, individual -
    it's got it all.

  2. That is a fab blouse! I love the edgy look, I'd like to see you try the half tuck again with different jeans.

  3. That's such a gorgeous shirt, Anna. I especially love it teamed with the pleated skirt but I do like it with tucked in with the jeans and pleather jacket as well. If I'm honest, I'd no idea the "half tuck" was fashionable, but what do I know? XXX

  4. Styled perfectly Anna! I knew you would like the shirt. I bet you will go back for more x

  5. This is beautiful!
    The Rose blouse is stunning.
    I love how you've shown it's versatility so effortlessly.
    Brilliant styling.
    Fake Fabulous | Style and fun with fashion, over 40

  6. It's a beautiful wonder you received so much attention! I really like the edgy look too!

    1. Thank you. Funny how that is the most popular. My fav is the pleated skirt look. Strange when I'm more a rock chic type of old lady. Maybe as it was different and I felt feminine, for once.

  7. Great styling! Love the shirt! Beautiful look!


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