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September, Business Outfits and Outings

Dear Fashionista 

Is it time for a round up of what I've worn to work in September?  This is always an erratic collection as the weather sways through Autumn in the UK It steps to cool, twirls a bit with cold then sashays to warm with a dalliance hot.  Erraticness aside I hope you find some inspiration.  

Through this weather salsa I partnered skirts, cardigans, jackets, long sleeves and short sleeves and the odd going out outfit.  

I flirted with pleats and short sleeves on a couple of warm office days

and cardigans swung from light to dark, with and without a swirl of scarfage.

Jackets also pendulum-ed between light and dark.

 Vibrant red made an Autumnal appearance.

Skirts didn't know whether to be light or dark anymore than the weather knew whether to be warm or cold or the heating on or off. 

Mostly September will be known for its outings though.

Lunch at Plaisterers Hall for which I smartened up with a dark jacket, tie neck blouse and skirt and

where I adored the Wedgewoodesque ceiling.

An evening reception at the Royal College of General Practitioners afforded an opportunity for another  jacket to be wheeled out accompanied by a silk neckscarf and black blouse.

Here  I was quite taken with the Art Deco that had been preserved, 

and I ate icecream 

and sat outside on a rooftop eating a late summer's bbq.

Then there was an evening 'cruising' the Thames on a most elegant boat

where I ate small bowls of food enabling plenty of sampling of flavours 

and I met a most elegant man (Ben Fogle),  for which I wore a blouse depicting chains.

This particular elegant man had just been made  UN Patron of the Wilderness the day before I met him. Who would have thought I'd be the first Wild thing he'd have to tackle!

For the brave I have an amateur, very amateur, video of the excursions here 

September, that's a wrap


  1. He did have to tackle a wild thing!! I think I need a pleated skirt. This is the second one I've seen on a blog today!

  2. How lucky to bump into Ben Fogle! It's all about the skirts for me this month. I like all the one's your wearing and the pleated one looks gorgeous! xx

    1. Thank you. Skirts look s9 much better on me than office trousers. My pleated skirt, prompted by you remember, is quite thin. It won't do for work in the winter due to the commute. I think it will come out for evenings out going by car.

  3. You always look lovely. I prefer skirts but in the male dominated engineering world, trousers seem more suitable. Sigh.

  4. Love your outfits, and I'm loving the red - a colour for Autumn most for sure. I hope you enjoyed your Thames cruise trip, both my sons work on the Thames Clipper service so I get to travel with them occasionally. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for linking up to the Ageless Style party. Great looks!

  6. I can't even pick a favorite, but that pink cardigan with the scarf is super cute. And holy hotness, swoon Ben Fogle.

  7. Lots of fab outfits Anna! I love your pleated skirt and the red and checked jackets! Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx


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