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Delegated some from Frozen Sweet Potato Advert

Dear Fashionista,

Have you ever thought of copying an advert, just for fun.  There's one  that makes me feel warm and fluffy as I get off the train from my hard days commute, here in the UK.  This advert does what it says on the tin. It says welcoming, homely, comforting. There are Autumnal hues in burgundy and camel and a steaming pie fresh from the oven to make one yearn for the nights to draw in and the temperatures to drop. 

The concept is that the pie is made from frozen ingredients promoting quick but home cooked mid-week meals, cooked by mum, Vicki. It's a chicken and frozen vegetable  filling with mashed sweet potato on top.

On Sunday I replicated this advert, my way. Honestly I had to get it out of my system.  However I wanted to add my own interpretation. 

I had frozen wild minced venison in the freezer so there is the first deviation from the original.  My second personal interpretation was to cook this pie by the delegation method, telling Mr Him how to make it, thereby eliminating the gender bias.  

I cooked this, albeit by delegation, on a Sunday rather than mid-week.

I, by delegation, used fresh vegetables, and used  traditional cottage pie ingredients of onion, herbs, gravy from the venison, and not garlic. 

Here is my home cooked by mum via the delegation method, venison sweet potato cottage pie, advert, complete with unHD quality.

I added my Wannabe Gucci furry loafers and a cat to add some Autumnal chic and furriness

My cardigan is last year from Fatface

The T shirt is H&M Basics in store currently

Cat from local rescue AW12

Slipper shoes mentioned here  


  1. Oh I love it, AM, so funny.
    I've checked out the link and love your style steal from the Tesco advert, which you've recreated superbly, BTW. But your attention to detail is wondrous - you've picked out the burgundy of your top and accessorised with a whole kitchen. What a journey from hallway paraphernalia accessorisation to this! Impressed!! Hugs,x.
    P.s. the pie looks yummy!

  2. That dish sounds yummy and I love that long cardi!

  3. I had a look at the Tesco ad (being from Belgium, I wasn't familiar with it), and you did a fabulous recreation of it. Also, I couldn't stop laughing when reading your post, as it's so funny. I wonder how you were able to keep a straight face posing for that photo. I'm also wondering whether the pie was as delicious as it looks! xxx

  4. That looks so delicious. I might have to give this a try =)


  5. So funny! You may have started a new trend for ripping off adverts. The pie is definitely more wholesome and flavoursome than the Tesco pie!

  6. Loved this! Like Gail said above. This could be a whole new style challenge. The adverts! Now that could be so funny. You have done a marvellous job of recreating that pic for the recipe AnnaMarie xx

  7. I'm all for delegating household chores! Luckily for me, my husband likes cooking! Thanks for linking up :-)

    Emma xxx


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