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My Five Dessert Island Products of 2017

Dear Fashionista, no spending is sending me a bit around the bend.  So much so I've tidied my Bench of Facial  Saving (that's dressing table to most people). If you remember I do this now and then  (more then, than now to be honest) and record it for prosperity, and to see the changes in products that I am using.

On Sunday  I had one of these sessions.  I first laid out the contents as they were in January so as I could see the changes.  You can tell I was bored.



Some items have been replaced by new brands, and I had a little reflection on that as I worshipped at the 'Bench.'  I am brand agnostic and just working through a few boxes that I have stockpiled from QVC.  In January I was working through Dr Pericone plasma range, Judith Williams nightcream and Prai eye cream.  Now I am finishing up Timebomb night cream, Alpha H eye cream, and Dr Pericone Face Finishing Moisturiser.

My Alpha H exfoliator, which is glycolic acid, is a permanant resident, so is my Tarte eyeshadow pallet (be quiet those naysayers who say I must replace it every few months) and my Dr Pericone serum foundation. The glycolic acid is a new bottle but the Pericone serum is the very same so has lasted what, 9 months!

In April, my Bench of Facial Saving had moved on with additions of a No 7 face mask, which I wrote of here, Decleor prolagene gel (for which I am still trying to find uses), Gatineau anti-aging face mask and some perfume, so I added those items back now.  


That left a pile of concoctions that I have bought since April.  Eleven items. 

I have added a lotion cleanser, toner and eye make-up remover.  Why use one bottle (foaming washoff cleanser), when 3 will do?!  I'm being ironic, of course.  I think I will stick to a liquid foaming wash in future.  There is a Trish McEvoy moisturising primer, which I will write on at another time, my Laroc and Hourglass, which I mentioned last week here, Tarte BB cream, 3 new lipsticks (Clarins Guava,  Clarins  Watermelon and Georgio Amani  403)  and Phil Smith dry shampoo Big it Up
 (everyone should have some on their Bench of Facial Saving, shouldn't they!)  The lipsticks are more spring summer colours. I'm tending to use my Mac Brave and NYX 15 during the Autumn as they seem to compliment my lovely new Hourglass blush.

With these new additions my lipstick container is now a river overflowing.  It was time to find another container.  

What better than this biscuit tin depicting a glamourous 1920's socialite.  Beautiful art deco, isn't it?   

plenty of room for new lipsticks now
My previous lipstick container ( a Seasalt sock box)  is now re-purposed as a drawer for make up remover pads.

Now, for prosperity, I give you my Bench of Facial Saving in October.

 In doing this excercise I can see that there are only 5  items that I have consistently used all year.  My Imedeen tablets, the Alpha H glycolic exfoliator, Tarte eyeshadow pallet and the Dr Pericone foundation serum, and I will continue to do so.  There is also my Tarte CC cream ( I have replaced the one in the January photo  with a repeat purchase which is in my makeup bag) . I believe I have found my 5 dessert island products of 2017, excluding recent purchases and lipsticks. 

What would be your 5 products of 2017?  


  1. Glad you were feeling better. But oh my, the devil has been finding plenty work for your hands now they are denied credit card action! Hope you had fun.
    I don't think my Top 5 change from year to year now I'm retired, so they are (predictably) - Clarins one step cleanser and gentle eye make-up remover, YSL false lash mascara, Chanel Vitalumiere foundation, Rimmel retractable lip liner and Body Shop lip balm. OK that's 6, but I can't drop any one of those beauties. And you can put me down for more of the same in 2018!
    Hugs, x.

  2. It's an interesting question because it reveals me to be someone who isn't brand loyal but is forever buying new products in pursuit of the Holy Grail of eternal youth. There are maybe 4 products I've bought more than once and am still using at the moment. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, Jouer lip enhancer, Guerlain Lip Lift and Nars The Multiple (blush stick: I just bought my second one, the first one was bought about 7 years ago and still going strong!).

  3. I've just been given some Glycolic exfoliator at Bodyvie where I'm having the treatments. They say it's the way to go nowadays and I'm hoping this will prove me wrong in saying it doesn't feel right unless it's a scrub.I'm a bit wary of it too. I hope I'm not too sensetive. I also swear by my Estee Lauder foaming cleanser and Simple eye make up remover. xx

  4. I love the term brand agnostic! I am too, I suppose. I use very few products though. My daughter works for L’Oréal, so I get and use whatever she gives me!
    I love them, especially the skincueticals triple lipid cream.
    Lately, I have been using coffee grounds to exfoliate, and just dove soap for cleansing. I use a primer but no make up. I do my love my eyelash extensions though.
    Happy weekend,
    ❤️🌸❤️ Elle

  5. wow ,lots of products to make over my friend!

    i am amazed by your collection as i never wore make except lipstick and eye liner on special events like wedding ets


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