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No Spend October Coach to 5K

Dear Fashionista

I have become someone I don't know for October, and its only the first week.  Why? I am doing no spend October, apart for essentials, and I am doing coach to 5k.  I didn't think I'd type those phrases let alone participate!  Still, its early days.  October has barely become a toddler.  At teenage phase, around this coming week, I may well have tantrums.

No spend October 

So far I have   had to buy a new landline telephone and pay for a pre-booked leg wax.  I call both essential items.  In addition I have had to buy groceries and oh, look what else housekeeping, not me, bought.  That doesn't count does it?  Not if I persauded housekeeping to buy it (wink!)  The problem is if i waited until November this little beauty would no doubt not be in stock.  I've popped the link under the last pic. (PS I think this is my first tantrum.)

I also hid this amongst the cabbage in my trolley in Sainsburys.  Just £7, including the pot.  I had been looking for a leafy green plant for our lounge, job done.  Now, take a look at the camo effect on those leaves.  Do not say my foliage is not current!

Coach to 5k

I am on my first week.  I am using the NHS version as it has downloadable audio for free. This first week consists of 3 sessions each of 8 one minute jogs intercepted with walks.  The audio tells you when to run and when to walk and has a bit of music to run/walk along to.  I have run in the past and have also suffered runners knee.  This has kept me off exercise before for 9 months.  I am hoping that by taking this slow and following advice on runners knee that I will not see a re-occurance.  I am working on strengthening my thighs and not running on a day that my knees are sore.  

My aim is not to get to run a marathon but merely be fit enough to take part in Park Runs.  Do you know ParkRun?  Here is the UK link parkrun .   And more about Park run globally here  as its currently in 15 countries .  There may be one near you!  My town does have one.  From what I understand once you gain your membership you can join any in the world. They are 9 am every Saturday and 5k. 

How is October going for you dear Fashionista?  Do you run?  Have you experience of runners knee (help me)? Are you doing No spend October and if so have you had a tantrum yet?


  1. Yes, to it being good to have the odd tantrum when you find the rationale to justify it (I'm sure there will be a run on those snuggly scarves). No, to running. Netball knee injury in late 30s but I think the NHS phasing in approach sounds perfect for you. Go, younger twin, go!

  2. I'm so excited that you're running! Big fan of it myself.

    Can't do no spend months these days... too little resolve when I'm tired I'm afraid.

    SSG xxx

    1. I'm struggling with no spend. Lucky I have housekeeping as a fallback

  3. My knees do hurt nowadays if I do any cardio or aerobic workouts. And the word if should have been when I last did! That's why I gave it up. I keep meaning to have a go at Yoga.I just need to find the time. xx

    1. I had trouble with yoga due to having to bend the knees so it's not an easy option.

  4. Love the colors of that cozy scarf that will be perfect for all the cold months. And how cool that you are running!

    Would love for you to join my new linkup this week. A new Thursday Moda linkup goes live every Thursday!

    Enjoy the weekend!

  5. I think I will have to have a no spend November and I seriously mean it! I told my oldest daughter today that I have, have, have to do this. She told me whenever, I get the itch, just message her and she will tell me I don't need it, which I seriously don't!

    We've started running at the same time. I just started because I don't want to get winded and embarrass myself when we finally go the the Grand Canyon next month. I haven't ran in about 30 years.

    I sort of do my own program, Day 1, make it to the Y in the road, Day 2, make it to the old bridge, Day 3, make it to the old dead tree-etc, etc.

    Will I keep it up when we get back?-probably not, I will just do my "Terri makes it up Yoga" program (and it's probably not even real Yoga, but it work for me).

    Take care, Terri

    1. How about sharing your yoga. A few of us maybe interested in Terri yoga if it doesn't involve knee bends.


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