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Outfits for Storm Brian, Pouting Mary and the local Tavern

Dear Fashionista 

I had the joy once more of meeting Mary the Pouting Pensioner on Saturday.  Last time we met I dressed to tease her, in multiple layers see here .  This time I teased her by sending her to Brigadoon in Storm Brian.  More on that over here on my Anna blog here and where you'll find the link to Mary's version of our adventure(s) as well as my version.

As to what I wore, well it had to be roses and pearls with a sprinkle of birds didn't it.  If you recollect we had posted  a couple of collabs along those lines last month. 

My top is a 4 years old item from Kim & Co in Canada.  I added my camel leather Massimo Dutti moto, jeans and leather boots. These boots are by Vic and were a spring sale buy for £66, reduced from £220.   I thought leather boots would be good storm Brian weather appropriate footwear.  And leather needs roughing up a bit doesn't it!  

note that I have clearned off the front of the fridge of note litter

As it was a warm day I wanted to go without socks.  A bit risky with boots never worn before yes! Well I have to tell you that these babies were soooo comfortable.  I did wear those stockingy pump sockette things but even so not a blister or sore appeared, and those following on Instagram mystory will know how I suffer with those in on what I call now blister Friday.  This is when I go to work on casual Friday trying to look  cool in loafers and no socks and am rubbed raw by the time I get to the station!

Moving on, Sunday saw the weather calm and warm.  I resorted to a T shirt based outfit for visiting my favourite bar in town and seeing friends.  

trying to look casual as hub takes pics

I wore my M&S star T shirt with a Monsoon military jacket, khaki trousers, and because I was on a blisterless high, I wore my newish M&S star sneakers.  This was a mistake.  They need a bit more breaking in. 

all the stars


  1. Oh it was all so good until the blisters at the end :-(.
    Last time you wore layers, so this time I toured in my puffa and luncheoned in my biker. Obviously on old memo, not new memo, the one with the current stuff. In my defence I was wearing pearls on my jumper and did grab a flowery cushion to accessorise with in the pub. Sadly it was of tulips and not roses so didn't pass muster. But a wonderful meet up, despite my being sartorially challenged again! Hugs, x.

  2. I'm loving the first outfit, the top is gorgeous and goes really well with the jacket and jeans. xxx

    1. Thank you. I don't wear it very often but it shouldn't date. I think its a handy top for Autumn.

  3. I now red tis as if you are talking Anna, thanks for sharing I am in complete agreement with you Anna, my feet suffer too. x

    1. Haha, yes it is good to put the voice to the words. More of that comes out on my Anna blog I have to say.

  4. Oh shame you got some painful feet at the end there after being so blister free! I hate blisters or uncomfortable shoes. I can't stand to break in shoes for too long, if they don't work within a wear they are out, ha!

    Hope you've had a lovely weekend! We had a quiet one dealing with sick toddlers unfortunately. Thankfully everyone is feeling better!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Oh dear, sick toddlers. I remember that well. I have discarded so many shoes and boots due to discomfort. Such a waste of money. I do know the trainers will wear in though as my last pair did the same thing.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you Heather. It takes some effort, as you can tell from the thought processes.

  6. I love the star t-shirt! I always get blisters with slip on shoes - I have plasters in every handbag! Thank goodness for ankle boots that don't rub!

    Emma xxx

  7. Love that jacket!
    Thanks for joining the Thursday Moda Link up!


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