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Revisiting Last October's Buys and Wears

Dear Fashionista

I thought I might have a peek at what I was up to last October to see how my purchases then  and the products I was using are now looking. Were they good buys or trailblazers or last past the post?  

Working backwards, its easier somehow, I talked of neck creams, here . I am still using my Gatineau Firming Throat Gel  that I had ordered last October, and I am still very pleased with it.  The 2 tubes of 50ml each for £40  have lasted me a year (I hadn't realised until doing this review.)  I think that I have used this product so long now that I am not sure what others are like.  The Gatineau gel that I was using is now available for £48 for one tube of 50 ml! Here .  This is a trailblazer, due to the price at the time and longevity. 

It's time I tried something new I think, just for a change really. So research done and here are some updated links on neck creams.

Interestingly, a year on, No 7 now do a neck cream!  

Moving on, I discovered grey and navy as a colour combination, and then it appears, immediately forgot it as I have found only one occaision since where I have worn the two together, in this pic.  Goodness, my hair was short!  

I bought my beloved leopard trainers and have worn them so much.  This was definitely a worthwhile purchase. A trail blazer. 

This autumn I have bought the black star trainers from M&S mentioned last month.  I do hope I get the same amount of wear out of them. I wore my new ones for half an hour today and they do rub as they are new.  I mentioned no blister socks a year ago that I bought from Boots.  I will need to find them and wear them with these new trainers.  I think they helped.  Gosh, I had forgotten I had them. How useful is reviewing past blogs!

I bought a grey poloneck jumper from Tu at Sainsburys.  Well I didn't wear it once.  I still have it and will wear it. Last winter just wasn't cold.  Mind you, here I am in October, in a T shirt and jeans as I type this.  Again unseasonal for the UK. Last post the post, purely due to the fact I haven't had the weather and the occaision.  

On the other hand I bought a grey slouch Primark cardigan.  Oh boy, dont we and instagram know how much I wore this!  It was a fabulous purchase and you will be seeing it again this winter.  At one point last winter I even had to send it on a spa break! Let me remind you of my love affair here .   Primark have similar in stock now if you want to join me on this love-in.  A clear trailblazer.

I bought a lipstick from Boots NO 7 range called Deep Rust last October, and have worn it many a time since.  It is still going strong.  This was a well worthwhile purchase.  A good buy. 

I also bought the Tropic body scrub. It is still delicious. I still want to eat it.  But have I used it? No! Not as much as I should.  I have an occaisional go and so the jar is still going strong.  Last past the post just because I am lazy. 

Fashionista, what is your favourite and effective neck cream?   What was your most worthwhile purchase from last fall?

Now, whilst you answer that I will leave you as I go to dig out my grey Primani cardigan for a new love-in. 


  1. That is a great cardigan but I really love those leopard trainers!

  2. What a great idea, revisiting buys from a year ago and seeing how they fared, courtesy of our great aide memoire, our own blog. Your grey cardi has just got to be the star of your trailblazers. Hugs, x.

    1. Do you know I haven't worn it for about 5 months. I must rectify that.

  3. That's actually a great idea! Knowing me, there's be many fails, though ... xxx

  4. I've never found an effective neck cream so let me know if you do! Leopard could easily do a leopard and pearls challenge!


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