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September, the Month of Olive, and Grey

Dear reader 

Following my September work wear post let's seguey  (and as a side note I really really want to go on one of those) into my casual wear. 

It can be summed up into two words, mostly.  Olive trousers. Why? Well it's the time of year in the UK when I find my olive or khaki trousers and jeans the right weight and colour for transition for wearing in the early autumn. 

September also saw the weather get warmer during the month ending up at 18c or 65F.  I could be excused for thinking the planet had flipped and the UK is now sitting in that spaced normally occupied by Australia. 

Early in September I was in knitwear and scarfage with my green jeans, and ankle boots. Side note, baring bare ankle with boots doesn't work for me.  It is not a look one sees much in the UK.  We tend to move to ankle boots to keep warm and dry.  This pair of jeans don't go well with boots.  Note to self. 

The footwear belongs to both daughters
The vacuum cleaner and ankle wellies belong to me when I am in frump mode

Then we transitioned     moved back to sockless and my trustee Sketchers 

the bag belongs to one daughter

Then moved into my Fatface cargos and a T shirt (as temperatures rose).

Including getting caught up in the rain and finding a use for a care home cataloging I'd just been given....for me!

To make a point I immediately set off to shelter in a pub and have a pint. I'm not for the care home yet!  

the braces are coming out before Christmas, thank goodness! Hashtag, twisted smile, or is it a grimace!

As the month continued to get warmer I layered a thin cardigan over a short sleeved burgundy T-shirt to accompany my olive jeans.

Finally, you know how much I love grey, right! Actually I haven't mentioned it for a while so let's remind you, I love grey, except on hair and teeth.  There is a lot of grey in my wardrobe.  It is such a useful colour for Spring and Autumn.

Recently I added to my grey T shirt collection with this Top Shop T.  It was the pop of colour from the appliqué that did it.

I like grey at this time of year too and it does go well with the olive or khaki of my various trousers. This was how the month ended, warm.  The abandonment of scarfage, jumpers, cardigans and boots. 

spot Photoboming hubster


  1. Some super casual outfits, AM, love the scarf and how it's driven so many lovely looks. Talking of lovely looks, your pics with innovative umbrella and beer glass accessories are so cute.
    Well done for not transitioning so well. Hugs, x.

    1. Thank you Mary. It's a fab scarf. A nod to current camo. The beer was lovely.

  2. Lovely outfits and colour themes, Anna. Inspired to get my khakis out right now.

    We are a bit strange here in Australia regarding ankle boots. Some wear them as an alternative to heels with going out frocks. Makes my legs look chunky so I don't personally.

    SSG xxx

    1. I tried boots and cuffed jeans and bare ankles. It looked wrong and frumpy. Really frumpy.

  3. I actually think the boots look ok with the jeans Anna. And I'm crushing on that scarf! I'm a lover of Grey over Black. A winter or anytime of the year colour. They have a lovely jumper in F&F at present with seqi=uined birds on that's caught my eye xx

    1. Our F&F offering is very weak down my way sadly. H&m for the scarf.

  4. I've been reaching for my olive pants lately too!! That pint looks yummy!! Great way to wait out the rain!

    1. Wheat beer and elderflower cordial. Drink made in heaven if you are thirsty.

  5. I'm faintly relieved when we move into winter and the weather becomes more predictable. Very wearing having to keep digging out, and putting away, jumpers, t-shirts etc. I'm, not sure about a Segway - I think I would fall off. But I would love to have a ride in a sidecar (attached to a motorbike, obvs).

    1. I'd need to find the equivalent of a nursery slope for seguey. If there is such a thing. Fairly sure I'd be left behind.


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