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The H&M Jacket that Made a Statement, along with Certain New Makeup

Dear Fashionista 

Having browsed my purchases of last October it's time I confessed to some September purchases but October arrivals  (which complies nicely with no spend October.) 

Have you heard of Laroc? I hadn't but did discover that the eyeshadow pallets are quite the 'thing.' I ordered the Unzipped pallet from Amazon as it seems to be the most the 'thing.'  I'm very pleased with the colours, which are an Autumnal warm rosy hue of brown, golden and cream neutrals. Six are frosted, which I'm using selectively for fear of highlighting fine lines.  For a few years I've kept to matte but I did decide recently that something was missing from my eye makeup. It was flat and lifeless.  After some contemplation I decided it was frost that was missing.  So, for the moment,  I  will wear  what I like on my lids. Let the frost commence and my eyes have depth and interest  once more. 

Product Details

To my mind though, the failing of this pallet is the lack of a matte base colour, so I'm using my existing Tartelette pallet alongside the Laroc.  A benefit of Laroc is that the colours can be used wet as well as dry.

I also ordered an Hourglass blush in the ambient lighting range,  Mood Exposure. This appears a cool plum in the compact but seems to look warm on. Once again I am pleased with this colour for Autumn, and winter too probably.  

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush - Mood Exposure

I like the colour on me and the longevity.  This picture shows me at 5pm after having put this blush on at 7am.

What else? I'm trying Primark makeup remover pads. These are knitted together at the edge so don't fall apart. 

I bought a cream or winter white jacket from H&M in the summer.  It's a thick texture so was too hot to wear. This week I broke it out of wardrobe captivity as the temperatures have dropped, but not enough that I need a stifling other layer on top.  A temperature of 16-18c is this jacket's goldilocks zone. 

The day I wore this to the office along with my Laroc and Hourglass, I was told 3 times that I looked 'glamorous ', 'good, nice', 'lovely.'  I was taken aback as I hadn't gone to any special effort.  

Ladies, to replicate this 'glamour' you will need the following ingredients 

Mac lipstick in Brave 
Hourglass Ambiant lighting Mood Exposure Blush
Laroc Unzipped pallet
Mascara and foundation to taste 
Jacket  in cream    Jacket H&M 
Navy skirt and blouse or dress from your wardrobe
Tights to taste 
Booties or ankle boots to taste 


  1. Keep those compliments coming, eh? You really are looking lovely. Oh, there's another one!
    Hugs, x.

    1. p.s. is that THE pencil skirt in these shots? Looking
      glam for your floor show then!

  2. You do look glamorous, Anna! I'm liking the sound of that blush in particular. The eye shadow palette looks lovely too. xxx

  3. You do look glamorous! Love the make up reviews!

  4. I love the shade of that blush! It sounds perfect for fall and winter!

  5. Very glam and I totally agree with you about frosted /shimmery eyeshadows. Love the jacket, great buy.

    1. Thank you. I think the shadow will last me years. I hadn't realised how much good value a pallet is compared to singles.

  6. Very stylish jacket! The eyeshadow palette looks fab, lovely shades.

    Emma xxx

  7. Great post!

  8. Love the jacket! I do love light colours even when the weather gets cooler. xx

  9. Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Great look for work!


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