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An Evening with Trish McEvoy

Have you heard of Trish McEvoy.  She is a New York makeup artist with a Dermatologist husband.  Many years ago I discovered her brand at Harvey Nichols.  I had a makeover at her counter and bought into the makeup and utensils. The utensils more so. Here's why.

The brand includes  a very clever planner, a case for holding makeup and paraphernalia when travelling.  I found that I could unzip it at my destination and voila, there was my dressing table from home.  I used it for years and then bought into the smaller version for my handbag.  They are still both knocking around at home. I do find them bulky nowadays so don't travel with them, much.

Other 'utensils ' are magnetic cases to hold tablets of blush, eyeshadow etc. Build your own pallet concept. But the real humdinger is her range of brushes in my view. Honestly I haven't used any other since discovering her range.  I've tried but always, always revert to hers. Why?

They work! Mine are up to 8 years old  and still perfect. They  can be gently washed in a special spritz available in the range, or light suds water with shampoo and left to dry in the air, pointing downwards so as water doesn't run into the handle.  Trish  has developed a wide, wide range of brushes and I have built up quite a collection. Pricey but oh so worth it!

My brushes, all going strong after up to 8 years

 I am brand loyal to her eyelid primer, Eye Base, too.

Eye Base Essentials

And this handy  line refiner 

I use this on those days when my eye area has gone dry from rain, watery eyes, air con.  Just dab it on when you feel the need during the day. I always have one on me in my bag. 

Trish develops her skin care products  in conjuction with her dermatologist husband. A match made in heaven, yes!

When I was in New York in February I topped up  in Bloomingdales. I needed a new eye primer and thought it might be cheaper over in the US.  Actually it worked out the same as UK prices. Then in Harvey Nichols recently I bought her moisturising face primer, Beauty Booster, as I had heard really good things about it and wanted to try it. I'm glad I did.  I use it on days when I am having a light make up days. 

Trish comes to the UK a few times a year and, with her entourage, gives a demonstration, workshop and talk at a ticketed event at Harvey Nichols. She may do these in Bloomingdales too so if you are a NYC lady do look her counter up.     I have been  many times over the years and always pick up a tip, or 1500.  

For instance how many times should I wipe micellar water over my face to remove make up! Five it appears. This wasn't  a tip by the way.  During the self help DIY session, or workshop to most people,  I noticed how many make up remover pads I used before they came away clear.  At home I use 2! Dirty me!

Some things Trish has said over the years at her events.  We Brits wear too much blush.  We love it far more than other nationalities, apparently.  And another, as we mature we need a sheer lipstick rather than matt.

On Wednesday Ruby from '10 Years Younger', if you recollect that show on TV,  was the makeup artist teaching us tricks.  For instance put lipstick on the back of the hand, pout and then use fingers to apply the lippy to the pout pushing the colour into the lips with your ring finger.  This creates a subtle smudge of colour rather than a bright pop.

My ticket was £50 but exchangeable for goods on the day so win-win. I knew I could always buy a brush!  And I did.  Two!  The trouble is in my purchase happy state after Prosecco and cupcakes I found that I already had one of the brushes that I had bought.  I did also add a fabulous eyeshadow pencil to my collection though.


  1. What fun and I love the cupcake and iced biscuit!


  2. This sounds like a great event! How fun!!!

  3. Sounds like you had fun. Sheer lipstick instead of matt? OK I'll try to remember that. Dominique

  4. This sounds really interesting Anna. I haven't used any Trish Mcenvoy products before. I use Jane Iredale brushes.I learned to love them at my beauty college. I'm looking for eye primer though! xx

  5. How cool! I've never tried her things but heard good things.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. I've never heard of the brand before so thank you for the introduction! :) I'd never heard of that lipstick application method either, might have to give it a try although it sounds like I'd need a bit of practice with it! ha!

    Glad you had fun at the event.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. Loving these makeup tricks - especially the one about the lipstick - I will try that today!

    Have a great weekend!
    xx Yvonne

  8. I bought some Trish things in Harvey Nicks a few years ago too. Only a couple of brushes though, but still use them. I remember Ruby from that TV show. Ruby Hammer. Always thought she looks fantastic for her age (in her 50s).

  9. I've not heard of this brand, but it looks interest. Thanks for sharing. Jacqui


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