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October Casual Outfits, No Spend October and Coach to 5k News

Dear Fashionista 

I'm running late.  November has whizzed by and I haven't yet put together my October casuals bleepers casuals for you, nor my purchases. How is your November going? Are you busy getting ready for December festivities? Mine has been quite hectic.  But back to October and as we are half way through November I am blending my October casuals and my purchases together to make an October mash-up. 

I've got to that age of looking after elderly parents.  During October my mother was ill and I found myself visiting her in hospital, and at her home once she was discharged.  Dressing appropriately  for such visits, where you are partially working to assist them but also visiting to see them, is a challenge  many of us face.  Our loved ones want to see us looking 'nice' don't they, but we are going to be mucking in helping of some sort.  I chose a simple grey loose jumper, jeans, a necklace in gold and casual Go-Walks from Sketchers.  What do you wear when faced with this predicament?  

casual outfit

And I tried to accessorise with a plant crown at a jaunty angle (do you believe me?) Hashtag photobleeper.  The aim being to laugh my mother better (yeah, right.)

Casual outfit

Sadyly, my father died during the latter part of October  and although we had been expecting it for a few years it still came as a shock.

However, I had a few weekend outings earlier in the month, with bloggers funnily enough, and chose smart casual styling. I chose floral for Mary the Pouting Pensioner

pub lunch outfit

and pleather for the 3 over 50 (a subset of the 5 over 50). 

lunch outfit
Yes, it is a new freezer, the label gives it away - so much for no spend!

These outings involved my car breaking down and a trip on the London Eye, and I'll add that I'm glad it was that way around!

The Star Inn Heathfield
AA van to our rescue 

the star inn heathfield
I did eat a hearty meal after the breakdown

and view from 'the Eye' when I met the famous 3

My October purchases, and I grant you that there shouldn't be any due to No Spend, are here. So this post will have no purchased make up, jewellery or clothes for which I'm sorry. Believe me I'm sorry!   (edit as I had a sneaky breakdown myself and bought a jumper) 

It appears that a home is not a home unless it's scented by Aldi currently.  These diffusers are highly recommended on Instagram, where if you haven't posted your Aldi diffuser you aren't worthy of being there, it appears.  I sent my hub to buy them from our  housekeeping fund.  (You note how I learnt to cheat by using this handy pot of money.) He was told by ladies serving, and ladies queuing, that No 1 was the bees knees.  He bought 2 of them. He also knows I'm a fan of The White Company pomegranate so he bought No 3 as well.  Let's see if they are worth the hype. I find that our small cloakroom tends to be scented by diffusers of any brand quite well but our larger upstairs bathroom not at all.  They might as well not be in there. That room will be the test for me.

I started my Philosophy Falling In Love shower gel. My previous bottle lasted me 6 months.  I had bought a set of 4 nine months ago from QVC and they worked out as £10 a bottle.  Comparing this with the shower gels Mr Him buys from the supermarket at  £2 a go and lasts him 3 weeks, this isn't bad.

It appears that if it's not purple it doesn't make the cut to my bathroom at the moment.

Have you heard of Skubb boxes.  I found these on Amazon but they are also available from Ikea. They have performed wonders for my toppling over sheets and towels piles, and for my underwear drawer.  I've also used one for those pesky plugs that loiter in drawers. 

skubb boxes

Not to mention my handbags now discreetly stored below my hanging shirts.

skubb box

I think these are particularly clever as they have zip so fold down when they aren't being used.  I think they would be great for taking on holiday, as they would pack flat and then you have your own container for your undies and jewellery instead of hotel drawers that leave you wondering.  Being nylon they are wipeable. 

skubb box

We he we, hung some pictures up in the dining room.  I had bought them in the Spring (in the B&Q reduced pile for £6 each ) but he we he hadn't got around to fixing them up. 

He, and I credit him here, bought these handy velcro picture fixers.  No drilling required. How neat is that!

I do admit to a mini Primark haul, OK, not so much a haul but more a 'smidgen' during week 2. In my 'smidgen' were more 50p make up remover pads, a white polo shirt for Mr Him and a white T for me  (he had plans for theses items so let's call them entertainment, and I'll come on to that) and a dressing gown for me.  I love this dressing gown.  It is so warm and fits my five foot and pipsqueak height and short arms perfectly.  I also bought a  petticoat for layering under dresses.  I hadn't realised they were still available.  I remember my mother having them. To be honest this item is agnostic as I'm not sure if it's meant to be a nightdress or a petticoat but I guess it could be either.  This total smidgen cost £23.  When it came to paying I'd forgotten my pin, it was so long since I'd used it!

So what entertainment did Mr Him have in mind for the  white Tshirts.  He dabbled with one of his hobbies, dip dying. He is a one for taking a basic cheap white T and either tie-dyeing or some such to create for us something unique.

Here's one he made for himself.  Mine is tucked away for the summer

Week 3 saw me buy  Mythic Oil by L'Oreal from my housekeeping pot  (handy bucket of money, that) to attempt to tame my dry mutton hair.  This oil has an amazing feel. Non greasy but smoothing. Two pumps in my hand then rubbed over my hair really removed the frizzy fly away without it going oily.  This is available on-line as its  professional product according to my hairdresser. I ordered mine from Amazon.

Mythic oil for hair by L'oreal

On to the sneaky jumper. I did use M&S vouchers and my Sparks rewards to buy this  £35 jumper for £18.   Does this mean I've failed in the challenge?  No it does not, becauses it was half purchased from vouchers and that doesn't count in my world. 

M&S funnel neck jumper

M&S funnel neck jumper

Yes, there was a new freezer too, the eagle eyed of you will notice so I must own up. 

Finally, how is my coach to 5k going?  I am up to 20 minutes solid running.  In my opinion this is a brilliant programme for total beginners.  I will write more on this next month but for now, if you've thought of stepping up your excercise from sitting on the coach then  I can tell you that  Coach to 5k worked for me. 


  1. You had some great outfits! I'm so sorry about your dad. How is your mom doing?

  2. Yes. it's been a hard time for you, AM, hope you're doing well and your mum is still in organising mode.
    Ah now I know what you meant about the floral crown!
    I use those cubes all around the house, B and Q does them now too.
    So useful, eh? Some providing temporary towel storage in bathroom at the mo.
    Mr Him cuts a fine figure of a man!
    Well done with your light touch to shopping.
    And ahhh, memories of our lovely meet up ...
    Great post. Hugs and keep warm, x.

  3. I love your style! Great post and blog!

  4. Oh what a busy bee you've been! I love that funnel neck jumper and could easily see myself in that too. And that hair oil, well I'be looking for that too. I keep trying all these hair products but just end up with limp greasy hair, so thanks for the heads up with this.

    Have a great week!

  5. You're so amazing. I love your outfit.

    One question, how would you describe your style?

    Alexandra | How to Style Polka Dots Outfit


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