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Four on the London Eye

Dear reader,

Bloggers are like the number 9 bus, you don't meet one for months then four come along at once.   Having sent Mary to Brigadoon and myself to a Breakdown here, I then met the lovely and stylish Anna of annasislandstyle , Gail of isthismutton and Jacqui of mummabstylish.  I didn't get the memo to be stylish  but I did get the invite to arise in the London Eye with them.  The day was bright and full of hope for these chic ladies, until they realised that the pod was enclosed and they couldn't do a Bridget Jones to Kate Moss to me and push me over the side.   You see I'm the one that very much let's style blogging down. 

I don't have statement boots!  And I'm a bit of an imposter. 

Anna's boots

Gail's boots

Jacqui's boots, although not on the day

These ladies are all part of the 5 over 50.  Me, I am the Bridget Jones, the wannabe that makes a hash of it, mostly.  Still one day I may reach their lofty status.  

Yet, I say this, that I am the Bridget, but we found that we are all doubting of ourselves.  But, with boots like those there is no doubt in my mind, these ladies are comfortable wearing their personality and they know exactly what their own style is.  

So what did I wear?  Comfortable dependables, of course.  That's me.  Comfortable.  So, let's break down what I wore and my inner discussion on what comfortable would be that day. 

Not Skinny jeans, they were out because, well they are just out. Pleather would be current, weather appropriate and versatile.  My comfortable Clarks boots (hey, I did say I don't have statement boots! Note to self buy statement boots).

I had been looking for an opportunity to pair my pleather leggings with a jumper.  My bargain Saint Tropez cream poloneck would be perfect and it had a cool zip feature up each side. 

 I needed a coat.  My red (red is on trend after all) 7 year old car coat from John Rocha would work.

As for a bag, I didn't want black  (too I tried too much and and failed as it's not  on trend to matchy matchy), brown was a no go with the colour scheme I had going. Grey it was to be.

Luna is questioning me about my bag choice

Bag here

This bag, Chloe you whisper in hushed admiration! No, this is a dupe from Shein.  Very similar but fraction of the cost.  

Onto the day, we chatted, we they took many a picture, we viewed London, we ate eggs and mashed avacado and we drank tea.  Let me take you with me as we did this.

There I am on the right, the imposter.  I haven't got the knack of the smile but then braces doesn't help, nor the pose
Ok, ok so you want to see  London. Well here you are then!

And that's a wrap!


  1. Oh what fun they had! What a day and you definitely brought a great fashionista look to the party. Nothing imposterish about your look, it dang London Call in to me. Loved your boots observation.
    Hugs, x.

  2. Anna, you looked lovely on Saturday. I had such a fun time, and it was great getting to know you. Maybe next time Mary is over we can all get together? x Have a super rest of the week and fab weekend. Jacqui

  3. New domain, very fancy! You weren't an imposter - you're just as stylish as the rest of us! I was very covetous of your red coat. Very glad you came and was great to meet you.

  4. How absolutely wonderful you were able to meet up with Gail, Anna & Jacqui!!! Isn't it so fun to get to know the women in person??
    Love the pleather jeans too!! I have a pair that have become one of my faves...

    1. Thank you. Yes, I love mine but as the weather gets colder they become too cold to wear. Very much spring and autumn weight.

  5. What a fabulous day!! You ALL looked great and stylish and how fun to go on the London Eye! We did that at night and it was gorgeous but daytime looks like fun too!

  6. I like the leather pants with the red coat and grey bag, lovely look Anna. Oh, thanks for the London pic! I miss it so much. Hope I will go back soon over there. Nice post. -Dominique

    1. Thank you Nancy. I am pleased how it did come together.

  7. Stop putting yourself down Anna! You are stylish! I'm not saying anymore! It looks like a fab day out, although you would never have got me on that London Eye! xx

    1. Haha Laurie. To be honest we were so busy taking pics and chatting that you wouldn't have noticed the height.

  8. Looks like a wonderful day, I love blogger meet ups. I think you are far too critical of yourself, you are very stylish!

    Emma xxx

    1. Thank you and I think we all suffer a confidence dip now and then don't we. We bloggers are a unique personality and it is good to meet likeminded people. My day to day friends don't really understand me and I guess we all that in our lives.


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