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Guide: for Petites - Some Useful Finds

I thought I'd do a post for limited readership, a guide for petites, and if you are one of the limited readership  this might
be mighty useful. I'm petite.  By that I mean 5 foot 1 inch if I squeeze myself upwards. If you are petite then read on.  

You'll know that it's not only clothes that we struggle with but shoes and jewellery too. Shoes, for I'm a size 36 or 3. Do you remember me saying recently that I don't have statement boots? Well I've never developed that shoe crush because I couldn't. Growing up I took what was available and instead developed a scarf and bag crush.  I crushed on jewellery too,  but not bracelets.  Why? Here's why!


Bracelets rarely stay on me and if they do they dangle annoyingly in their loose fitting around my hand.  So I ignored braclets as much as shoes. 

But recently I've found a few bracelets that work on me that I want to tell you about.
Leo Mazzotti  have very limited variety but what they do have is classy.  I bought these two in a 2 for 1 offer in the summer. Look how this fits my petite wrist. This style is not adjustable so whilst its perfect for small wrists it's perhaps not so for larger. I was really impressed with the quality and chic look.

leo mazzotti

leo mazzotti
The website shows the anchor on the inside of the wrist.  I guess it can be both ways

Bracelets  Leo Mazzotti

I've reordered more whilst they had further offers as I've proven their quality to myself and I'm loving that they  fit snug on my petite wrist. 

Now dressing gowns.  I'm sure we all roll the sleeves to do washing up and so on but if you have short arms one ends up with a spare tyre around the arm due to the quantity of rolling. On top of that a short person like me develops a kicking technique as you climb upstairs carrying morning tea to avoid tripping. Quite a performance isn't it, and don't forget I'm still wearing the spare tyre around the arm. 

Enter Primark unexpectedly onto the stage from the left.  I found an adult dressing gown ideal for me for £10. Perfect length and the  sleeves require just a normal one roll for mucky wet jobs.  No bulk here.

The dressing gown is pictured top left here

If you are petite do take a look and maybe share your useful finds for petites in the comments for the rest of us.


  1. Know what you mean about dressing gowns being put to work IRL. TP and
    I have matching from Cotton Traders in winter (yes, so twee!); they look just like yours. So we really could/should be twins!! Of course, they are identical so TP often finds himself wearing a gown with sleeves finishing at his elbows. Looks quite comical..
    I never have problems with the stairs though - I have a teas-man.
    Hugs twin, x.

  2. I'm petite as well, although I have a shoe size 4, which is marginally better for finding fabulous shoes. I hear you on the bracelet and dressing gown problem, though! xxx

  3. Beautiful bracelet!

  4. The best brand that I have found for shoes is Pretty small shoes. They have the tiniest of sizes available. I'm a 2 & 1/2!! and it's always been a royal pain in the backside to find the right shoes! Haven't you noticed I don''t post about shoes too often? I recently got some lovely boots from Lotus and the smallest size was massive xx


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