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How to Layer Necklaces

Dear Fashionista

I was challenged recently to take my pearls posts roses-and-pearls and Plaid and Pearls  a step further.  I was challenged to go all out Coco Chanel.  I was told to really go for it, really layer necklaces and to mix in high low as in posh mixed with grunge.  I scoured shops and charity shops for strands of silver, faux pearl, and to heck with it, tinsel if need be.  Could I find anything appropriate. No! 

So I decided to shop my jewellery box.  To inaugurate this look, in honour of Chanel, I chose an evening out with friends in a new high end Indian restaurant.  I had been thinking that when I go out with them that I tend to be formaliac, ie black trousers, patterned top and moto jacket.  So pearls a la Chanel would be a break from the mould.  They wouldn't recognise me.

First I tried an old Zara jacket to accompany my white shirt and layered necklaces.  This was the look that I had in my mind when I had been pondering the challenge.  

Layering necklaces

image showing layered necklaces with kookytwo crystal

Pointed necklace KookyTwo here  
short pearls - genuine pearls from Honore Pearl
long strand - M&S faux pearls, last year
Long heart chain - from a local boutique

However the jacket is a bit big for me, and too bulky so I abandoned it for a burgundy pleather moto.
(PS if you like the pointed necklace Kookytwo are offering my readers a 10% discount on orders over £25 with code MUTTONSTYLE 10.)

layered necklaces with moto jacket
excuse my slight stoop, I had just been jogging earlier in the evening  and pulled a muscle in my shoulder

image showing layered necklaces with moto jacket
yes, I would wear this look again.  

As for the Indian restaurant. It's called Tamasha and has newly opened in Lindfield, Sussex.  We had  the most fabulous meal.  This was once a pub called the White Horse.  At one time the pub did quite decent pub grub and roasts in its restaurant. However in recent years it had became quite run down. 

White Horse

This location is right opposite the village pond and was once the epitome of quitessential English village life. 

Now, converted to a very spacious and elegantly appointed Indian restaurant the building lives on fittingly as the epitome of  modern English life, the curry house. 





 Being generous, I shared the challenge with my blogger pal Mary the Pouting Pensioner. Let's pop over and see how she wore her Chanel pearls and to where. You can see Mary chaneling Coco here


  1. Oh Anna, fab pearl layering look. It's a shame the jacket didn't work out because it looks gorgeous, but that jacket is such a pretty colour. Love the pic of you sitting at the table choosing whether to go jalfrezi or dopiaza. So pretty. And now you have me wanting an indian and having to choose a curry night outfit from my pearly layer suite. Here's the heads up, it won't be the ivory blouse ... ivory and turneric spills, nahh, been there, done that, and unfortunately no longer have the white t shirt!
    Have a nice week and thanks for the fun collab. Hugs, x.

  2. You can't go wrong with pearl stacking. They look fab with both jackets. Restaurant looks nice. I miss our Ruby Murrays (Mr Mouton is always training for something and pretends to be dieting)

  3. So pretty! Love your pearls! I have so many pearls, I need to wear them more often.

  4. I love pearls, so classic and timeless. Lovely jackets too. Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop #weekendbloghop

  5. Pearls and Silver are what I'm into at the mo, these look fab together. Shame about the jacket Anna it's gorgeous and so on trend. The Biker looks just as good though. xx


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