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How to Pack for That Evening Out

Dear Fashionista 

Ahead of your December galivanting and office dos I have run a few trial sessions on how to manage the logistics of traversing from office attire to glamour puss in one easy backpack. 

First you need a backpack. 

Also essential if you are changing in the office is a non crease outfit.  My dress is an old Ronnie Nichol dress that was such a good buy several years ago. Such a good buy that I bought two, one red and one black. This one does not crease at all but sadly I can't link it as its no longer availabe.

Shoes.  My black tie event shoes  are stored  in their box

 but I  pack them  in a plastic bag and into my backpack for the evening. 

Evening bag. This is small.  It takes my phone and little else.  Like the shoes I keep it in its box when its not in use. 

As my backpack will be in the cloakroom concierge type area I don't want to leave valuables in there so I reduce what valuables I  take to work to what will go in the evening bag later.

These essentials. Keys (if someone will be home when I get home I don't bother)  travel card, £10 cash and one debit card. My work lanyard and desk key can stay in the backpack but debit card, phone and cash goes in my evening bag once I get to the event. 

My make up bag contains re-application essentials, blusher, lipstick, eyeshadow. Yet I must tell you that at 5pm when I was getting ready my morning makeup was still going strong so I just touched up by deepening the eyeshadow, stippling a bit more blush on and wiping over a new coat of lippy. A swipe of my hairbrush and I was done. 

All I take to work on those days goes in my backpack.  I leave my normal work handbag at home.

This worked for me and I'll be keeping this guide for future occasions.  I hope it's useful for you. How do you cope with an evening event straight from the office?  Any further tips would be useful.


  1. Looking stunning in your red dress, twin. What a great asset to have in your wardrobe. Hope you had a good time. Hugs, x.

  2. Great tips! I love that red frock and also your clutch.

    SSG xxx

  3. Very practical and do-able. Your dress, shoes and bag are all so elegant and timeless. My days of office to evening wear are long gone ---- the office Christmas party is on a Saturday. I have a fairly long commute by car so nowadays I'm only up for weekend events. If only I worked in London! I'd be out on the razz a lot more.


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