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Kookytwo: Crystal Necklace

Dear Fashionista in the UK

Today I am bringing you a boutique jewellery brand that I discovered this year.  Do you recollect my post on birds on shirts with Mary?  I wore a swallow necklace in gold.  A beautifully delicate piece and quite unusual for me.   I bought this from KookyTwo in the summer. 

kookytwo necklace

When I chose a new item from the range to add to my collection  I had  December in mind.  I thought simple but chic would suit my outfit style.  I wanted an everyday necklace that would double as a party necklace. You know me, dear fashionista, I'm more leather than lace, floral than paisley.  I need my bling to be not too busy nor too large, as I am of a petite frame.  I selected this, the Silver Sparkle Spike Pendant  Necklace with Swarovski Crystal. 

Silver Sparkle Spike Pendant Necklace with Swarovski Crystal - 28mm

The KookyTwo label their range  as 'modern stylish everyday' and do you know I think this item is the epitome of that description.  This  pendant is perfect for my lifestyle.  On a ball chain this simple Swarovski crystal  Silver Sparkle Spike Pendant  is an item that can meander into the office to wear with a white collared shirt all year round,

kookytwo spike crystal necklace
I love the black filigree look which adds that something quirky that I go for

or visit a restaurant with my pleather jacket perhaps and layer with pearls.

kookytwo necklace

But I was thinking Christmas and New Year when I selected this.  With the festivities coming there is plenty to think about and do.  

Like clearing up the detritous from Mincepie making

How to accessorise needn't be one of them now that I have this in my collection.  I chose the 18" chain for its undangleability.  This will stay looking chic but without the danger of stirring the breadsauce by itself as I lean over the stove, as my jewellery and sleeves are wont to do. 

In the summer I can see this pendant sitting perfectly on a white t-shirt, can't you?

This necklace (in a different colour) has been featured in TATLER and Red magazine this year. 

I do like that the pendants at KookyTwo are offered with a variety of chain style and lengths which gives the buyer the opportunity to build a necklace. 

Let Clare and Claire, the KookyTwo tell you about themselves.

KookyTwo began in 2015, as two ladies looking for a change in direction to fit with our young families. Having left the corporate world after 20 years, it was a complete change in direction for us both.
We (Clare & Claire) set about lauching our own online jewellery business, with a mission to bring minimal and modern, affordable style, with an everyday feel to it, so set about making our dreams come true, designing and handcrafting a collection, and we haven’t stopped since. We are very happy to see the business growing and continue to grow with new and returning customers globally.
As modern women, we wanted jewellery to bring effortless style and happiness to everyday dressing, taking you from day to night. Making our look and feel great, everyday or for that special occasion. Our collection of handcrafted jewellery is inspired by friendship, love, travel, fashion, trends, nature and fun.
Our collections include sterling silver, rose gold and gold pieces, for customers to wear solo or mix & match, layer & stack!
We like to say our collections are “jewellery you’ll love to wear or love to give”.

If you liked the gold swallow, or know someone who is into ornithology then the ladies have just added a beautiful hummingbird to the collection.

kookytwo hummingbird necklace
Great present for an ornithologist

Take a look at KookyTwo here and see what grabs your eye. Let me know in the comments what you would choose.  The lovely Claire and Clare are offering you a 10% discount for orders over £25 using code MUTTONSTYLE10 .  With Christmas I might well be putting in an order myself!

Disclaimer - Although I was gifted this necklace I did choose it myself and have previously purchased from the brand.


  1. Great necklace! We all need a few simple versatile pieces to get us through. I am a bird enthusiast (but I think we all basically are). Just coming back from the Grand Canyon, the Ravens just blew me away. I even came home with a hat with a Raven on it.

    1. I am one for finding my versatile piece and then wearing it weeks on end.

  2. Such a pretty piece, looks so classy against your wine top. And oh the domestic godesstry, baking mince pies! I hope mine's in the post!
    Hugs, x

  3. The image in my mind of your spike necklace potentially stirring the gravy made me smile this gloomy Friday morning in Sydney. In awe of your baking your own mince pies. I buy mine...

    SSG xxx

    1. Ok there's nothing like homemade. You can choose how much brandy you put in the mincemeat for one thing!

  4. Such pretty necklaces :) Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop, hope to see you on Monday for our next blog hop.

  5. That is such a pretty necklace! I can almost smell those mince pies! x #fakeituntilyoumakeit

  6. What a great post!
    Please send me a mince pie...or three!! :oP

    Thank you for linking up to #fakeituntilyoumakeit!
    Fake Fabulous | Style Tips and Fun with Fashion, over 40


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