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October Business Outfits and Outings

Dear Fashionista,

If September was about formal lunches and evening functions then October was about Kenya.  No I didn't go but I did entertain a colleague from Kenya on his first trip to the UK.  I showed him sights such as me attempting to climb  a bar stool.

Anyway, enough of that lets get onto the outfits.  A few black skirts made an appearance, paired with grey 

or camel

and pink

October was shopmywardrobe and NospendOctober on instagram.  Did you join in?  I dug out this dress and gave it a spin in the office one day.  Yes, you will see more of it.  This was given to me by a friend of my daughter, so you could say I shopped someone else's wardrobe.  Hey, if the cap fits!

I wore my grey skirt paired with grey and with blue.

Here I'm styling fragility in the form a parcel for son in law

Then there was my navy skirt which was wheeled out to wear with a Bonmarche jacket in grey and navy with a touch of beige, in a horizontal stripes design.

and horizontal stripes in a nautical look,

Then vertial stripes in the form of a few shirts

On this day we had a party in the office.  We all brought food in as a contribution.  The theme was world food.  Just backtracking doesn't the skirt look better with a belt!  I must note that to myself, haha.  Back to the food.

Excuse braces smile.  I was caught on camera by a colleague after just laying out my contribution

I thought laterally and brought Yorkshire food (Yorkshire being a different county to our own) Wensleydale cheese. In Yorkshire this is eaten alongside fruit cake. Everyone thought this was a bit strange, and yes we are in the same country!  Even tiny England has regional variances and as I introduced this concept of cheese and fruitcake to my Sussex brethren I encountered looks of puzzlement.  Try it though.  It does go well together but has to be Wensleydale cheese, so creamy.   If the Sussex colleagues were puzzled by my contribution certainly my Kenyan colleague was bemused by the whole table. 

The weather cooled enough to give me an opportunity to wear my H&M jacket in cream with my navy skirt and blouse. I wrote on this in an earlier post.  It seems a cream jacket adds a touch of glamour to an outfit. 

I took my Kenyan colleague out for a local tapas and some beers one evening and showed him the sights of the town we work in. 

HG Well wrote War of the Worlds here and based it on the town.  There are various statues celebrating the novel.
A statue of the cylinders that the Martians emerged from

and a new plaque to Rick Parfitt of Status Quo

I wore grey and lemon for this particular adventure

After seeing the sights of War of the Worlds we ate tapas

The next day I  took the opportunity to show my Kenyan friend a bit of London as we were invited out for a meal by visitors from South Africa.  Are you confused yet?  I wore my Hawes and Curits shirt linked here and an old Precis jacket.

I detoured via St Paul's Cathedral which enchanted my colleague and he took a moment to go inside. 

With business suppliers who were visiting us from South Africa we ate various Spanish cured meats thinly sliced, very thinly, in a restaurant in Farringdon.

And that folks is a wrap for October workwear and events.  Although I can't give you links for the items they are generic enough that hopefully there are some ideas for you if you are looking for work wear inspiration. 


  1. Hi Anna, Looks like you were quiet busy. Hope your friend did enjoy his visit. I also like pencil skirts and A-line skirts as they are the perfect design for my silhouette. Your outfits are nice, my favorite ones are the first two and oh- got a special crush for the last two. Beautiful styling. Good mix and match of colour. The last outfit has a Je ne sais quoi! The pattern of your vest gives texture to your look and the result is very pretty. Have a lovely week. -Dominique

    1. Yes I like the last 2 aswell. Yes I think he did but I was surprised he thought I was showing him history.

  2. Sounds like a fun time. You look stylish as ever!! I don't know about the cheese and fruitcake combo but I sort of get it because in Vermont we had cheese with apple pie.

    1. I also like mascapone cheese with puddings and also fromage frais.

  3. Can you believe it? Just lost a huge comment. Probably far too long anyway ...
    Loved the curtsey, twin sis, mum brought you up well.
    Loved the workwear, the jacketed outfits especially. I almost miss working when I see your workwear. But only almost, not the full monty!
    Your wardrobe served you well through the month and you worked your magic and yes, a belt enhances your nippy waist.
    I shop my wardrobe most of the year, but that's what living on a pension's all about eh. A pension that has been took a serious hit this morning, after a 3 boots buy-in due to Gabor's siren-like effect on me. AND I even fessed up to TP over lunch!
    Looking forward to seeing your November businesswear on IG. Catch up nearer the weekend?
    Hugs, x.

    1. I don't really understand shop your wardrobe as a challenge as isn't that what we do anyway.

  4. I love your office wear, and how well you wear cardigans with your looks, to add an extra print, colour or just to compliment your outfit nicely. I'd love to have a bigger collection of cardigans than what I do now! :)

    It was fun you got to show your colleague around too!

    I'm a fan of cheese but confess I've never tried cheese and fruitcake together before, it does sound like a very interesting combination! :)

    Hope you are having a nice week so far! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Cardigans are so useful and I think go well with skirts and dresses for the office. I feel I can get down to work in a cardigan more than a jacket. Jackets are for formal meetings in my view ideally.

  5. Thank you for sharing so many great office looks! I love all the different skirts you wore! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I'm working on shopping my closet for November! I really need to do some purging and evaluating before even thinking about adding anything else. I love the black dress on you as well as the vertical stripes and skirt. Great work wardrobe! Thanks for linking up with Ageless Style

    Shelly | The Queen in Between

  7. You did so well shopping your closet! Always 'very well turned out" as my gran used to say. Re cheese, M&S have a wonderful white stilton with cranberries. Reckon that would also be great with fruitcake

    1. You can also get Wensley with cranberries in Sainsbury's at zmas but I am partial to Stilton. I feel M&S calling me.

  8. Some lovely pieces here Annemarie, sounds and looks like a busy time. Have a super week Hun. x Jacqui

  9. Love you in skirts! I need to wear them more often - so versatile and feminine. I need to get back to shopping my closet - it's full to the brim!

    1. I used to wear trouser suits all the time but over the last 5 years I've come to realise skirts look better on me in the office. I've got to that age.

  10. I love your style! Great post and blog!

  11. If this is your week of work then I want your job! I really like every outfit that you have worn Here Anna xx

  12. Wow what a week!
    I love you in colourful tops.
    Thank you too for joining the link up
    Ashley x


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