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Those Old Sovenir TShirts Hiding in Your Closet

Hard Rock Cafe Tshirts. Are they passe? No, they are classic and classic can never be passe, can it!  I have just the one that I bought in Manchester years ago, on impulse.  I have hardly worn it. I took notice of the concept that if you are  over 30 then one doesn't wear logos or graphic.

Well, we do now, don't we!  With the trend for logo T shirts what better opportunity to dig out my HRC T.  On Sunday I took it for a spin to Prezzos for a family lunch. 

 I styled mine with a black jacket to add an age appropriate vibe.

As it happened my son in law had his on. Talk about cross generational cross sexes clothing.  They've nailed that space. 

Go on, dig out your old concert Tshirts and wear them age appropriately, with a smart jacket or a pleated skirt maybe. 

If you haven't got one then pop along to your local Hard Rock Cafe.  


  1. You are so chic and so cute!!! Great ensemble!

  2. Love how you've styled your graphic T, spot on. I gave my Floyd T to my Bro after about 20 years of not wearing it so no digging out there, and we don't have a local HRC so guess I'm not joining your gang :-(. Where do I go from here?!

    1. I think you get yourself to a concert and get the Tshirt, as they say.

  3. And I might just have to do that! xx

  4. Well styled Anna - you look fabulous Hun. x Jacqui


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