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A Trip to Brighton Marina, and Outfit

What a fabulous day we had last Sunday.  Have you ever read a book called Timeshifting? In one chapter it espouses handing over decision making as a way of relaxing.  Not for life but just a day or a period of time. Hubs and I did this on holiday once. We took it in turns of completely planning the day.  It's restful just going with the flow.  Well, it was oldest's 23rd birthday and she decided that she wanted us all to go out to lunch at Brighton Marina.  She drove us and chose the restaurant, Gourmet Burger Kitchen. It was so refreshing and calming having decisions taken for me.

We only had a main and a drink each but I really enjoyed my buffalo burger 

Buffalo burger from GBK

and sweet potato fries and my Deep Purple Spritz.  

deep purple spritz

Have you ever tried Gourmet Burger Kitchen?  

I wore a last year, bought in the M&S sale, blush, bell sleeve jumper.  Hey in my world they are still in!  And many on IG agreed so don't judge me. 

marks and spencer pink jumper

Blush paired with grey is so easy isn't it!

You know I had to add a moto.  This time a burgundy pleather from Tu at Sainsbury.  

Tu pleather jacket

My boots are my so comfortable new suede Topshop boots that I talked of in top-shop-black-friday-bargains

top shop boots

I added a necklace from Silver Story which I featured in a write up on Silver Story Ltd

The marina is still packed with boats at this time of year but the restaurants and bars are comfortable as the tourists have gone.   Here you will find Prezzo side by side with Zizzi and Las Iguanas within 5 minutes walk. Wetherspoons has a big site,  The West Quay.

I added a grey bag.  Do you have a grey bag?  Since buying this in the autumn I have used it so much.  It's such a useful neutral.  Lets face it, black would be too dark for this look, burgundy not match, bound to not match my moto, brown not work at all.  Grey it is. 

Do you visit tourist areas in the down season? We're lucky that the Marina bars and restaurants are open and just busy enough to have life without the summer queues.


  1. America always seems to be behind on the trends as bell sleeves are just really trending now whereas you said "they are still in". LOVE yours! So pretty. The food looks delicious, the marina is gorgeous! And no, I don't have a grey bag but I one and I have been looking for the perfect grey bag for awhile now.

  2. I adore blush and grey together! You look so cute!

  3. I love bell sleeves but only have one dress with bell sleeves. They haven't hit the charity shops yet...

    It is lovely to have someone else make the decisions and go with the flow. I wish it happened more frequently!

  4. Great idea to trade off decision making! It def. reduces stress. You look terrific in blush and grey, and thanks for linking up,


  5. I think making decisions in December is even harder because we are all so busy and feel rushed all the time. But you look adorable in your casual, put-together look. Great moto jacket. You have cute street style!

    Welcome by Thursdays to link your fabulous style with me. I also think you'd like my last two style posts. Happy Hump Day!!

    Ada =))

  6. I love Brighton and don't get to go there enough! Looks like a fun day Anna. Bell sleeves and skinny jeans? You commented about skinnies in your last post. Is there such a thing as fashion nowadays? Wear what you like is what I say! And look fabulous you do. xx

  7. I have a couple of grey bags and use them just as much as my black ones. You're right in that sometimes black is just too much.


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