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Blogmas Muttonstyle Part 5 - The Big Day

Dear follower,

I do hope you had a joy filled Christmas day.  We had Mr 27's father over so that made 6 of us this year, once again.  In my head that is the perfect number.  That's because we often were  6  for the day as a child, my brother and myself, mum and dad and one set of grandparents.  Movng on through time to when I first married we had my parents and my inlaws, then when the children came along it was 8 for a few years. Up until 4 years ago we were 6 once again.  So this year six was a perfect number.

On the clothes front I wore simple.  On Christmas eve I went out with the youngsters (yes again a glutton for punishment) and once again wanted to look festive but not 'young', if you know what I mean.  I chose to wear my H&M sparkly jumper again and this time paired it with black velvet jeans 

H&M jumper

and my sparkly M&S boots.

Jigsaw richmond jeans

plus modern big, everyone-is-wearing-now-on-instagram, dangle earrings to look current.  

H&M earrings

 Lastly I added a husband to the outfit so as not to look like I'm on the pick up (or pull, haha.)

H&M jumper

Jumper H&M in store this winter and last seen worn  here in blogmas-muttonstyle-part-three  (this is a really useful jumper so I do hope you find it available on the sale rail)

Black vetvet jeans Jigsaw here and still available although I bought them last year

My coat is old and thrifted but is labeled M&S

Earrings H&M in store 

The village we went to for  a drink looked so pretty on Christmas eve.


On Christmas day I went for a festive plaid in the form of  my new plaid H&M (yes, moan, I know, i did say I may well support them single handedly) pearl embellished blouse, again with my black velvet jeans. The dangle earrings were added once more too.  

Remember the ego shoes from my post new footwear here, well they were mighty useful on Christmas day at home with guests.  Very comfortable, as shoe slippers.  I still wouldn't wear them out.  The UK is far too wet and miserable, and they are not me-out-shoes. 

ego shoes, H&M blouse

I'm sharing the my cracker joke, quite appropriate for a blogger.

the best of the cracker jokes

My husband surpassed himself by discovering a fashionista item for me by himself, these PJs!  They are from Want that trend .  Didn't he do well finding this site?  He saw them advertised on Facebook.

want that trend pj

Do you know, I think I will leave this here and carry on on another post.  Should I call this a Blogmas?  Oh, heck, yes, I'll go for it.  


  1. I love those earrings! So pretty and perfect with your neutral outfit!

  2. Merry Christmas, dear A and family. It's so lovely reading about your wintery, cold Christmas as we sweltered through ours. They each have their own kind of beauty.

    SSG xxx

    1. Happy new year SSG. I'd like to experience an Oz Xmas sometime. We're basking in 12c today so it's not traditional cold now. We're getting the odd few days of freeze then it warms up again.

  3. You made perfect choices, AM. It's so nice to see your lovely smile; it must have been a hard year but now you can eat your curries without planning sync-ing them! I adore the cuddling pic. Hugs, x

  4. Love all of the outfits and accessories!! Your hubby makes the best one!

    1. Don't tell him that ! He's on IG now aso Redtherelaxercat

  5. You look great, very relaxed in all the shots! I haven't been in H&M for ages, maybe worth a look!

    1. I've certainly surprised myself by finding things for me in H&M and Top Shop this past year.

  6. So cute in your plaid! I also love the first look.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. Aaaaw this was so heartwarming to read! Happy Holidays.

    Nicole |

  8. I am a huge fan of neutrals and cozy sweatshirts - like the one I am wearing on my blog today.. Love the blush sweatshirt.

    Welcome by today and every Thursday to share your gorgeous style by linking up with me. Thank you and Happy New Year!

    Ada. =)

    1. Thank you Adam and yes I do link up sometimes. I'm a bit random with linking. I need to do better

  9. I'm liking mr's pj's I would have to steal that T-shirt! xx


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