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Blogmas Muttonstyle part Four - Relaxing (Not )

My intention when I conceived of this episode that it would be about relaxing now that we are in the run up to 'the day'.   As I write I realise how darn wrong I was.  I had thought that  having worked through to Thursday and now having Friday 'home alone'  I could relax.  Again, how darn wrong I was! I'm shattered as I write this, and all I have done is wrestle with wrapping paper and masses of washing up.  You see Miss 23 has discovered baking, 

Cup Cakes

but hasn't discovered washing up.  Actually that's not entirely fair.  Some was done.  Anyway let's move on to Blogmas before I dig myself a hole over this.  BTW these cakes went to her work.  I did not even try one!

This week we have given neighbours cards and a small gift of Chambord.  I wrote about Chambord as a tasteful gift  last year on  A Classy Gift to Give here.  Sainsbury's are still selling this for £6, if you are quick. 

I have given the dog walker a gift in the form of a Silent Pool Gin glass. ( she may have preferred the gin, I grant you, but...).  Here is a link to Silent Gin site. 

Silent Pool Gin Copa Glasses x 6

 I've bought our cleaner some winter weather accessories from Totes.


What do you buy as gifts for people who you don't know well but are expected to give to? I'm running out of ideas for next year. 

Talking of gifts, one that I give Mr Him each year (which actually is for our kitchen) is a calendar of photos from our year just passed.  I use Photobox for mine.  There are plenty of other suppliers out there on line. 

Photobox calendar
This picture is from our summer holiday in Gran Canaria

Earlier this week I went for my annual meal with work friends at  Carluccios.  I had spinach and ricotto ravioli followed by the Christmas Torta al Cioccolato.  It was a meal from the gods.  Perfect.  

Yes we did get through a bottle of Proscecco

Now,  that I have until the beginning of January off work  my mind is turning to reading, and I fancy reading a Christmas novel.  Here are a few I've looked up.  

A Very Merry Manhattan Christmas by Darcie Boleyn
Mistletoe on 34th Street by Lisa Dickenson
How to Stuff up Christmas by Rosie Blake
The Twelve Days of Christmas by Lisa Dickenson
Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair by Heidi Swain
The Chocolate Lover's Christmas by Carole Matthews

Many seem to be about displacement at Christmas time.  With my father's death recently I'm feeling a bit lot displaced this time around.  I may get some comfort from being absorbed in fictional  displacement.

Of the selection above I have downloaded  the first 3 in the list.   Is there a particular festive novel you've enjoyed? For the purpose of this let's ignore Dickens. 

But before reading I need to get on with the chores.  Oh the joy of doing these home alone! Which is where I came in, I'm exhausted. 

These were on my to do list.

Wrap presents 
Declutter the house 
Get out the festive puzzle

That's enough to be going on with, but wait. Festive Puzzle!  Yes folks, we have a puzzle that we have been working on for 2 Christmases so far.  At the end of the season it's rolled up in a felt roller ready for us to continue the following year. This puzzle has entertained many a visitor, as well as us and it's time it was laid out on the kitchen table once more.


Talking of traditions you can't beat sitting with the Radio Times and a pen, can you?

Radio Times

Do you have any little traditions? New or old.