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Blogmas Muttonstyle Part One

I've decided to do my summary by weeks in December and call it Blogmas. Now I've noticed others using the phrase.  Trendsetter moi!  Who am I kidding.  Anyway,  none of us want to be reading about festivities in January hence why I am doing Blogmas as we go through December. 

December dawned cold.  Calendar winter arrival did what it said on the tin, bring winter. On the first of the month I had my department Christmas lunch for which I had, absolutely had, according to an email, wear my Christmas jumper.  Well, sorry but this is it. Penguins are Christmasy aren't they?

christmas jumper with penguins

That same day I went to Brighton in the evening for a few drinks with a group of mid twenty year olds.  My own form of fierce fifty meets millenials. 

I drank these 2 Pornstar Martinis and cava shots then we oldies left the young people to it.  

 But oh the dilema of what to wear dear Fashionista! What would look not frumpy but not like you are trying to be like them? I settled on a red tunic, black jeans, black moto and comfortable walking and standing boots.  It worked I think. 

outfit for an evening at a bar

On Sunday we went to Brighton again and there's more on that on my post A Trip to Brighton Marina and Outfit

Outfit for lunch in Brighton

 Oldest Miss is now 23. After our lunch at Gourmet Burger Kitchen for her birthday

we wandered around the shops in the Marina and I found this fabulous Santa.  I bought him of course! His eyes just appear to look right at you.

Hubs bought this mat.  He has it about right, haha.

It's now on our doorstep for all to see how grumpy I am.

In the evening Miss 23 wanted a wine, and cheese and biscuits evening in the lounge.

It might look like she has a gironormous glass of red there but she buys  this Echo Falls fruit fusion which tastes to me more like a fruit cocktail.  It's red wine mixed with fruits.  I suppose a bit fruit punchy.  If you have young adults at your house over Christmas this may be something you'll want to put in your fridge.  It's available in rose too.

Echo Falls Fruit Fusion Rasberry And Cassis 75Cl

These list templates have appeared on all of our bedroom doors.  

Has Santa put these up in your house too? I'm struggling to think what I might want and have only asked for an Emma Bridgewater mug.  What are you hoping Santa will bring?  I want to add that I did not do these lists nor did hubs.  Oh the mystery, the mystery!

What presents have I bought so far?  A computer screen for hubs as his has broken.   A bottle of Jack Daniels for Miss 19 from my mother (in the UK the legal drinking age is 18).  A Primark haul for the 2 Misses  (jumpers, bags, faux fur scarves, chokers.) 

I have made mincepies and frozen them.  Mr Him has bought a ham to cook a  honey roast ham nearer the time. He has his sloe gin on the go and that will need filtering again soon.

What have we been watching?
The Polar Express  and series 2 of Stranger Things 

What have I been reading?
I've just finished My Sweet Revenge by Jane Fallon.  It was an easy reading commuter read.

That's the sum of it. Oh dear , I better start filling in my list for Santa, but the things we really want money can't buy can it. 


  1. A fun follow long. I don't think we've done to much Christmas things yet. We might take the Poodles to a Christmas thing tonight-we will see.

    Your husband makes sloe gin? That sound like something that just be right up my ally and I think I need to check that out.

  2. Love your two outfits with moto jackets! Moto jackets are such versatile pieces and go with so much!

  3. Oh, I love the moto jacket! The perfect item to layer with to modernize any look. And I love Stranger Things too. I binged watched Season 2 it was so good!

  4. More like showing them how it's done Anna! Red is fabulous on you xx


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